July 6, 2011

Family Vacation - Part 1

I hope you're ready for the gazoodles of pictures of promised. Because I'm using not only my own photos, but my moms as well. And these are only a small portion of them.

It was such a fun, relaxing trip. We ate and played, ate and talked, ate and slept, and ate and gained weight together as a family. All at the same time. While patting our heads and rubbing our stomachs.

'Cause after all, isn't doing things as a family what's it's all about?

Except eating chocolate, that's a very personal thing.

Still, I recall my dear mother apologizing for the rainy and somewhat cold weather which inhibited some of our would be outings.

So I told her how disappointed I was that she hasn't been able to figure out how to defy the laws of nature so she can control the weather for us. And that she had better figure it out quickly. And while she was at it, how to eat as much chocolate as you want without gaining weight.

Because our family never apologizes for silly things, or expects the impossible.


Now, I love and adore my children, but sometimes it is so nice to be able to sit back and watch someone else have to stand on their head and dance like a chicken to keep them entertained.

I meant that as a figure of speech, not literally...... mostly.

My kids love to play board games. But since we have to buy "Candy Land" every year just to replace missing pieces, playing "Sorry" was a fun change of pace.

And knowing the inevitable reaction from certain blond children who don't like to lose, the love and respect I have for my husband has only deepened and increased.

I hate to say it, but truth and only truth must be spoken here. My kids are something you might call sore losers.
In particular, there is one little blond girl, whom I will not name, who's whole happy existence seems to revolve around winning.

Do you see that look on Hubby's face and the look of anticipation on my dad's?

Yea... she-who-will-not-be-named-but-who-is-sobbing-because-one-of-her-pieces-just-got-pushed-back-to-the-start, was so not happy with them.

Tears flowed and snot reigned during this intense battle between life and death.

At least, I could have sworn that's what was taking place.

Claira couldn't bear to watch. She had to turn away.

Remind me to never buy this game.

In the meantime, Jacob and Alayna pursued a must safer venue of entertainment.

And happiness reigned supreme.

Yes, there is a reason why she is now wearing a different outfit, but I'll spare you the gory details.

Later that day, my kids had the mistaken idea that it was hot outside.

Sure it was warm enough, but far from hot. Still the insisted that they just HAD to go play in the water. 

And who am I to stand in the way of frostbite? So, out came the swimsuits.

It didn't take them long to learn how wrong they were about the weather.

I refrained from saying "I told you so!" But only barely.

Once reality set in, that was about as wet as Savannah would get.

The boys were a bit more brave, or crazy. It totally depends on your point of view.


Alayna went with crazy.


Once the teeth chattering and mind numbing cold set in, the boys decided to pursue different venues of entertainment.

It really was a fun afternoon.

And it's good to know I haven't totally lost my mad Frisbee throwing skills!

Just my ability to breathe while having to chase after it.

It wasn't long after that that it was time to feed my dad's new calves.

Meet Salt and Pepper.

Alayna was especially excited to feed them.

Perhaps because I still won't allow her to pick up Claira or feed her a bottle, or dive the car.

Not that that's stopped her from trying.

She thought she was so cool feeding Pepper. Poor cow, the bottle was already empty.

Then it was time for our dinner.

I can't begin to express my shock when I realized my dad didn't have proper hot dog sticks. Seriously, I would have bet my life that he owned every piece of basic camping equipment known to man.

Apparently I was wrong.

Good thing I didn't have to bet my life on it.

Still we made do and managed NOT to singe our eyebrows off.


However arm hairs are a whole other story.

This picture just makes me happy. That's why it's here. The end.

After the kids had their fill of hot dogs and marshmallows, they became interested in feeding my dad's big cows, T-bone and Sirloin.

Now I know why we had hot dogs instead of hamburgers.

P.S. Does it make us look redneck that Savannah's wearing her swimsuit with tenni shoes? Just wondering.

My dad brought out some grain and tried to get the kids to hand feed them.

Alayna wasn't quite as sure about feeding these big boys as she was about the calves.

See that one little piece of grain she's holding?

Eventually she became a little more brave.

She really turned into Papa's little girl on this trip.

I think my dad would say the cows brought them together. 'Cause he's weird about cows like that.

It was a good day indeed.

To be continued.....

8 super cool people speak:

Sue said...

This is nothing short of idyllic. That farm is just gorgeous! That one picture with the clouds in the background looks like a painting!

I'm curious to know where it is...


Amanda Joy said...

Kids on a farm are the best... especially when the animals get to stay with grandma and papa:)

It looks gorgeous!

Garvin Smith said...

I'm getting closer to being the first comment!

Will and Marcie Davis said...

Oh I just love this! I wish our farm was that pretty! ;) SO cute and what fun for your kids! ;)

Mama Smith said...

There is nothing like PICTURES...that we can LIVE over and over...those moments...that were so PRECIOUS!

Courtney said...


Saw this and thought of you, it made me laugh.

The Tolmans said...

I totally witnessed the blonde little girls "winning" attitude when I babysat a while back. Chutes and Ladders wasn't a big hit with her either :)

Kyle Larsen said...

I have officially caught up on your family reunion, get away, days on teh farm with T Bone and Sirlion and Salt and Pepper, and SORRY board games, and freezing while playing in the water and Tractor TV, and Claira's chubby face....whew!

LOADS OF FUN! Love it!

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