July 11, 2011

Family Vacation - Part 3 - Conclusion

Growing up with my dad, nothing was ever what it really was.

Sawdust was gold. Pipe scraps were rings. Waves on the beach were "bones crushers".  Or whatever would come to his mind in the moment. I can't tell how many of our dinners were some sort of "guts".

Do you believe in Leprechauns?

I'm pretty sure that my kids do now.

Upon discovering a nice, thick patch of clover, my dad hid a box in it. Saturday morning, he casually took my kids out to see the "Leprechaun patch".

But wait, what is that? Do you see that?

It's a... It's a... box!!

Whoops, the bottom fell out of because of the rain.

 But wait... what is that in the clover??

They're the Leprechaun's treasure keys!

Quick, hide them before the Leprechaun's come back and find their keys are gone!

And so for the rest of the day, my kids played and fought and hid and stole the keys from each other.

And Claira just laughed at them all.

Where did he get all these keys, you ask? Let's just say my dad has a tendency to collect odd things.

And now, I have keys scattered all over my house. I find them everywhere in everything.

I think that was secretly my dad's evil plan.

As was putting my hubby to work. But that's okay, hubby liked it, I know he did.

*sigh* He's just so sexy with a tool in his hand.

Later that evening, the big boys went out to play. Seriously, boys and their toys, what can you do.

Alayna wasn't quite sure what to make of all the racket though.

But she did rather enjoy the ear plugs.

I too, took a turn. Five wasted bullets later, I handed the gun back, not having hit a single target.

Wow, it was bad.

I'm almost embarrassed.

After church the next day, we loaded up and headed back home.

We had such fun on our little family vacation, and my parents were so great to play with us and keep us entertained. I'm so very glad we were able to go!

Even if my house is now infested with Leprechaun treasure keys.

Wait.... does this mean I can blame all the messes on the Leprechauns? After all, they're just trying to find their keys!

The End

9 super cool people speak:

Amanda Joy said...

What a fun memory for your kids! I will have to remember it and have one of the grandparents do it in the spring:)

Sue said...

Apparently your dad and my husband are kindred spirits. My husband does the whole leprechaun thing, too. And treasure hunts. And pirates. And yes, we even have elves that live in our magic tree...


liz said...

He is the cutest grandpa EVER and so much fun! : ) I love it!!

Patty Ann said...

What wonderful parents you have!! so glad that you all had so much fun. In our house, it isn't the leprechauns that make the mess. It is "I don't know" and "Nobody". Yeah, I blame them for everything!

Mama Smith said...

SO FUN...to watch the children's reactions...Savannah...however, wanted to know the TRUTH about Leprechauns...I knew I had to say something...and I knew it would have to be the TRUTH...so, I only sort of answered...regarding the "box"...She asked me if it was mine! I said "Yes"...guess the big ol' Leprechaun must have stolen it....!" (well, he was BIG...) (smile)

ldsjaneite said...

Your dad is brilliant!

Garden of Egan said...

Sounds like your dad is the best!
Love the pictures

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Another fun vaca report!

M-Cat said...

Cathing up around here and loving the family vacay pics.

As for the family photo? How can you top the one you have at the head of your blog? Pricelss

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