August 18, 2010

Did I forget to mention I was famous...again?

Good thing these events aren't black tie. Right now I'm sporting my swim suit as I'm heading out the door to take my kids to the water park.

The lovely Hannah over at Sherbert Blossom asked if I would write up a little something for her "Project Organize: Conquering Clutter" series.

I had to laugh... just a little bit.

She's obviously never been to my house.

Which is probably why I wrote about organizing your dinner meals.

Eh hem... anyhow.

Jump on over to read all my deep, dark, dinner planning secrets!!

5 super cool people speak:

Hannah said...

Ha! Well, your dinner plan is great! I think we all have areas where we are really organized and others where we are completely NOT organized.

Thanks so much for guest-posting!

Sue said...

Well done, Serene! I have to admit that I was NEVER organized with meals for more than two days in advance. If that.

And I'm afraid our family meals (and my food budget) reflected that lapse!


Saimi said...

Ha! Hats off to you girl, I never plan anything, let alone meals!!

Patty Ann said...

Yep, you could so obviously teach me a thing or two! In the next life, I am definitely going to be organized!

Ayana Posadas said...

I just came from reading your dinner planning ideas over on Hannah's blog. They are so helpful. Just wanted to say Thanks! :)

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