August 18, 2010

The Fandamily Reunion - It Starts

Hundreds of photos. Literally.

Between the photos I took and the ones I swiped from my mom (who is WAY more camera happy than I am) there are hundreds to sort through and decide which ones to post.

And since I'm sure my mother will be posting pictures on the family blog, I had to decide which ones to leave out. So hopefully my siblings won't come hunt me down over the fact that I mainly chose pictures of my little family.

Not that they read my blog anyway.

Just kidding,  they do... I think.

So here we go. The you-have-no-idea-just-how-much condensed version of the great and mighty Smith Family Reunion!

We arrived in Montana Tuesday evening to a gorgeous sunset.

The kiddos were super excited to stretch out their poor bums after being strapped in car seats for seven hours.

I was also excited to do the same thing (eh hem... awkward) and see some of my siblings that I haven't seen in a couple years.

We slept soundly that night and the next morning, after a quick morning snack,

the kids were off to explore. 

My parent's new place sits on five acres of land, with another five that they don't own... yet, right next to it. So there was plenty of space to run and play... and pee. It's true, I have little boys who have no shame.


The tree house.


The lawn mower.
My nephew Nathan, and my boys, Joseph and Jacob

The fence.

And the pasture.

After a while my dad announced that it was time to feed the calves and collected my kids so they could help bottle feed them.

See, my dad has some what of a cow obsession. No, really, he loves them. And worst of all, he thinks they cute! Yes, you heard right, C.U.T.E. and he's not afraid to admit it either.

So he acquired some new "pets".

Meet T-Bone and Sirloin.

If they only knew.

Despite the unfortunate names that only reminds us of how their lives will eventually end, the kids had a blast feeding them!

Once the bottles were empty, Alayna felt that she deserved a turn as well.

Thief! And get that nasty thing out of your mouth!

Feel free to gag.

I did. Bleh.

After the cows were fed and played with, attention was turned to cooking breakfast.

Friend Bob, my dad, bro-in-law Jared and Joel, my brother Caleb

Behold my dad's griddle.

Officially called "The Holy Griddle", he built it with his own two hands. My dad and his griddle became quite famous back in Florida as it was used to feed hundreds, if not thousands of people. It was used in ward, stake, and multi-stake functions, as well as many disaster relief cases.

But on this day, it served to feed the family masses.

Once breakfast had sufficient time to digest, we all got ready and loaded up to go swimming in, uh, Lake McDonald?

I think that's what it was called.

Who's that good looking guy up there? 

As I started handing out swim suits to my kids, I discovered I had brought everyones suit but my own.

Go figure.

So my several-inches-shorter-than-me younger sister, let me borrow her "pre-pregnancy" swim suit.

It was like trying to shove a whale into a training bra.

Just sayin'. 

Anyway, thanks Becka! I'm sure someday I'll  recover from my now grossly depleted bucket of self-esteem.

Right after I finish this chocolate bar.


Although I think I would have felt better if someone had left me the "wear a blue shirt" memo.

I felt so left out.

Or at the very least got me some sweet hot pink water shoes like my mom.

The kids were in heaven, pure and simple.

Oh my gosh, could she be any cuter!?

Nope. No, I don't think it's possible.

This my youngest sister Angel (yes, that really truly is her name) and our good friend Renee, who is just about the coolest girl to ever walk the earth. She makes everything more fun. I'm so glad they came.

And this is Angel's newest little baby Lili... Lilly... Lillie? Or however you spell it.

At one point I asked Luke if he was ready for another baby.

Is that as a no or a maybe, I can't tell.

This would be me and my older sister, Jenny.

And this is her little one Rachel. 

She and Alayna were trying to figure each other out. It was a little territorial at first, but they eventually became friends.

But I love, heart, and adore little Rachel's hat. 

Seriously, I wanted it. If it were bigger, I would have swiped it and feigned innocence. 

Me and my sweet baby girl.

I'm pretty sure at this point the much too small swimsuit was cutting through my skin. Notice the pained expression in the second picture.

Joseph, Me, Savannah, Nathan, Jared, Caleb, Lilli, Angel

My brother Caleb (you know, the cute, single one) showed the kids the little guppies or minos, or whatever they were, that were swimming in the shallow water.

He even helped them trap and catch them.

And of course, floating the lake is exhausting work. Naps, all around! 

My dad
Family friend A.J. and my sister Becka and her hubby Joel 
My brother Abe and his girlfriend Annie

To be continued....

15 super cool people speak:

Mama Smith said...

I so want this WEEK BACK!!!!! It was SO FUN!!!!!

Mikki said...

Sweet post! I love family reunions, and this looks like it was so much fun. I love calves. They ARE cute!!! I have many fond memories of my grandparents farm, and visiting the calves--letting them suck on my fingers. Kind of gross, but really sweet!
That griddle of your dads is amazing!!! Very cool. :)

Kristina P. said...

I've never been to Montana. The kids look like they are having a blast!

Garden of Egan said...

Beautiful country!!!
Beautiful family!!!
Looks like that kind of fun should be illegal.

Amanda Joy said...

This is too funny. My mom and step dad have two cows one is T-Bone and the other is Spunky after the Spunky Steer Restaurant in California. I am not a beef eater, but my husband wants a cow now too. He will name it Zurg, since my little boy named the goats at my mom's Buzz and Woody.

Lisa said...

For years we've had our family reunion in Weston, Idaho. Best thing EVER to feed baby calves and swim down the flume. Your fam looks like mine. Kind of comforting.

Doran & Jody said...

Oh My Gosh!! How cute, how fun, how everything!!

Krista said...

We never have family reunions. My extended family is so scattered and Jared's family is in Australia. I guess when we make it there (twice in 14 years) we have one. Looks like you had fun! Don't you hate it when someone's maternity bathing suit is too small? Like we believe THAT one teeny Sereney!

T said...

prepare to feign innocence because I'm so swiping that hat if I ever get close enough :)

and I was glad you pointed out which brother was the cute, single one... because for a second I thought you'd teased all your cute, single, young, female readers (not me obviously) yesterday only to point out today that he had a girlfriend! phew!

the fowlers said...

it doesn't get much cuter than those two little girls in the water. those pigtails are the best!

Sue said...

GREAT photos! Can't wait to see the rest...


Saimi said...

Angel and Serene...You two must have been the quiet ones!....right?

Love the pictures, what an awesome great time you all had! There's nothing like family!!

Anne said...

Oh, my boys would have a blast feeding cows. How fun!

Angel Day said...

Loved the post but for future reference the spelling is Lillie :D

Renee said...

WOW! Thanks for the compliment Serene. :) We had such a blast and now that we have the vouchers for a free flight we will be back. So watch out Montana you are in BIG trouble. Best relaxing vacation in forever, it hurt my heart to leave all of you again. The whole vacation I was smiling and laughing I so needed that, your whole family is awesome!!

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