August 22, 2010

The Fandamily Reunion - Grand Finale

Prologue: Despite numerous power outages, and that fact that my eight year old iMac kept "unexpectedly quitting" my dadgum internet browser, I was finally able to go through the last hundred photos and get this blasted post done.

My computer has no idea how lucky it is that I didn't chuck it through the window.

Now, where were we? Ah yes, the family reunion...

I never really grew up with pets. We had a cat or a rabbit here and there but in general, I grew up in a pet-less household. Consequently, I can't say I've ever had any real desire to have some of my own.

So when I caught Alayna playing, petting, and cuddling these,

I figured, perfect! I'll get my kids all the non-pooping/shedding pets they want and they'll be perfectly happy!

But I was wrong. So very, very wrong.

Thursday morning we loaded up the kids in the little trailer attached to the riding lawnmower and went the short distance to the neighbor's house.

This is a shot of my parent's new place from the front of the neighbor's house. Gorgeous, isn't it?

When we arrived, out jumped two dogs and a cat!

At first my kids kept their distance, unsure of themselves and the animals.

I was very surprised to discover that by the end of our visit, they were all the best of friends.

Fake animals eh?

Bang goes that theory. 


But the purpose behind our visit was to let the kids do a little horse riding.

Savannah was exited and went first. But once she actually got on she was a little nervous and scared. 

But soon she was having the time of her life!

Even though you can't tell. She's in a "anti-showing my teeth while I smile" phase.

Jacob went next. He too was a little terrified but once he got the hang of it, 

boy did he ever have fun!

Joseph flat out refused to get anywhere near the dang thing!

After a whole lot of coaxing and prodding, we finally convinced him to sit on it.

For a minute.

Then he was done!

He much preferred to play with the horse pooper scooper.

And since I'm such an awesome mother who lets my children explore the wide world around them, I let him. 

*nervous cough... awkward pause...* 

Okay then, moving on. 

Alayna too had her fun. She wasn't sure if she wanted to or not, but eventually warmed up to the idea and had a turn.

The most entertaining one to watch though, was my little nephew, Nathan.

Once it was his turn, my sister stuck him on there where he promptly started screaming and crying to get off.

Once they pulled him off, he screamed and cried to get back on.

It was awesome. And I laughed.

After my sister and parents took a turn, I was talked into getting on as well. Once I plopped my bum on that horse, Alayna went into a frenzy and insisted she be allowed up there with me.

After a short turn, I got off, much to her dismay. She flatly refused to get off! Little stinker.

So the girls took one more turn.

Needless to say, she became quite attached to the place!

Bwh ha! *deep intake of breath* Okay, bad picture joke.

Once we got back, and realized we had no other big plans for the day, the engineer in my husband took over.

See, my dad is having to build a little barn to house his "pet" cows since the structure they are currently in doesn't actually sit on their property.

And since my husband spent many years doing construction and holds an engineering degree, he instantly noted several things that need to be fixed.

So we had us a good ole' fashioned barn raising!

Mmmm... yummy.  I love when he's holding a power tool.

Pretty soon, he had enlisted the help of all the other guys.

Course, with this motley crew, we're lucky no one lost an eye!

And what, pray tell were the girls doing during all this? Well, after a little bit of *coshoppingugh*, there was nothing for my sisters to do but make cookies!

They even let my girls help.

And might I just say that even though I've lit a turkey pot pie on fire and have blown up a casserole dish, I have never, EVER lit cookie dough on fire.

I would be devastated over the waste of chocolate.

And since it was really my sister's fault... or maybe Renee's, I was only mildly depressed.

Luckily this cute thing saved me complete depression.

Friday and Saturday were pretty chillaxed.

On Sunday morning, after I got Alayna up, she ran and hid. 

When I finally found her, her tried to get away again.

She must have known it was coming. You can't wake up with a head of hair like this every morning and not fear the wrath of the mighty comb.

She gets that from me.

Now you know what I look like first thing in the morning.

Eh hem.

After church we loaded up and made the seven hour trek home.

Thanks mom and dad! We had a blast! Can't wait to do it again next year!!


19 super cool people speak:

Cherie said...

Well I have been away from blogland for a few days so I just caught up on your whole family reunion. What a GREAT big fun group of YEe-HaW y'all are!!!
I think you guys did just about everything - Kids, barns, shooting and my favorite Glacier National Park which we visited a few years ago and it is the most breathtaking place - the scenery is so fantastic!!!
Wonderful times and great memories for your family!!!

Stacy said...

Your kids are so stinkin' cute! And my husband and I are still laughing at Alayna's hair!

ldsjaneite said...

The picture with you and Alayna on the horse is my favorite.

Connie said...

I'd be screaming too if I was Alayna! The comb would NOT be my friend! ;D Such cute kids! Looks like you had a great family reunion. Too bad your kids will never be happy with just the poop-less animals!

Mama Smith said...

Just reviewing these pictures, me want another reunion...starting at the end of this week!!!!! (smile)

Jess said...

love it! The barn raisin, skeet shootin' son-of-a-gun woman youare! SOOO awesome! :) Glad you could have a riproarin' high hootin' time with the fam. That place looks gorgeous!

Teachinfourth said...

Ignited cookie dough, eh? That's a first for sure! I love that photo of your parent's house. The view out there must be absolutely breathtaking in the evenings.

Larsen said...

3 posts later and I finally comment. But seriously that was a fun family reunion. I feel like I was there. totally didn't belong there, so that was awkward for me.

Kidding. So, hope to see you soon!

Sue said...

That just looks like so much fun. What neat memories they will have!

I used to love horseback riding. And my first horse at the stable where I took lessons was white. I still remember her fondly.


Neisha said...

loved all the pictures

Garvin Smith said...

Dang! I can never be the first one to comment on your blog!
Come back again soon, and thanks for the memories.

Garvin Smith said...

Dang! I can never be the first one to comment on your blog!
Come back again soon, and thanks for the memories.

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Wow! That turned out to be quite the family reunion!

Amy said...

Horseback riding= so much fun!!! That morning hairdo... woo! Looks like a big ole grand time. Makes me wanna take a nice, long vacation.

Wait... I just had one. Shoot.

Saimi said...

Great family fun!!! Thanks for sharing, I feel like I was right in there with you burning cookies, riding horses and petting the animals.

Awesome pictures!!

Garden of Egan said...

I love the barn raising.
I also love that you once again start things on fire in the kitchen.
You are so talented.
Alayna's hair...........priceless!

M-Cat said...

What a fun family reunion!

What my Sissy wouldn't do to ride a horse! The kids looked like they were having a blast

Web design rochdale said...

Glad you guys were there to take pics & even be with what has grown to be practically your extended relatives! It is hard to get Bryan & Bethany's goofy, fun character & the serene, soothing setting & mix them together, but you did it.

spider veins said...

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