August 19, 2010

The Fandamily Reunion - Continued

We return to this exciting saga of the Smith Family Reunion in which we find our heros preparing to leave the lake and embark on an exciting journey up the mountain...

After everyone was done frolicking in the water, or in my younger brother's case, dunking his girlfriend into the water, we loaded up the car and started the hour or so drive up the mountain into Glacier National Park.

And it was heavenly!
I put two photos together to try and get a grander effect.
After about twenty minutes or so, I see my sister, who is in the car in front of us, making all kinds of weird and awkward gestures to her hubby, who was riding in the back of my dad's truck, who was leading the pack.

Not understanding what the hands, feet, and bum stuck out the window meant, they finally pulled over.

Turns out, their car was out of gas.

Guess that explains the bum part.

Anyhow, it did give us a minute to snap a couple photos.

When we started back up the mountain, I was in awe of all the amazing and beautiful sites that surrounded us.

Not that anyone else in the car noticed.

Pictures just don't do this place justice. So pathetic compared to the real thing!

When we finally made it to the top, it was freezing cold and drizzling rain.

But my husband spotted this little beauty and was able to snap a few shots.

As grand as that was, I prefer to look at this little beauty.

Whoa! Now that is a good looking family! If I do say so myself. 

Not that I am one to boast or anything.

Just stating the facts folks, just stating the facts.

As we were getting ready to leave, I spotted this bad boy!

And that my friends, ends our experiences on Tuesday.

Wednesday started off by the giving of some surprise gifts.

My parents have a tendency to, when they find something unique, grab it up. And get one for everyone.

So, my two little girls, as well as my two little nieces, each got a special gift. 


These incredibly adorable little oriental outfits. They were all different and all completely gorgeous.

Savannah instantly fell in love and I had a hard time convincing her to take it off so it wouldn't get ruined!

The boys/men/brothers/hubbys also received something special.

My dad happened to find these and apparently couldn't resist the incredible price.

So he got one for all of them.

Now tell me truly, what in the heck are you suppose to do with that thing?

Even Caleb doesn't appear to know.

I do believe I understand the reason they were on sale.

But at this point, I would like to express my deepest sympathies to any male who suddenly wishes he were a part of our family.

All my sisters are married. Just make sure, when choosing a wife, to show this picture to your future father-in-law and see if getting one of these will be part of the package.

Just a suggestion.

After that we did all sorts of random things.

I took the time to brush up on my chalk art, it's one of my secret talents. If you ever need your sidewalks or driveways decorated, give me a call! I'll give you a good deal. 

(okay seriously, I was being sarcastic... unless you really do want your driveway covered in chalk, then I was being totally serious)

Later that day, we brought out the big guns!


It was time for some skeet shootin'!

I hate to break it to you Joel, but that just does NOT instill fear in me.

It just doesn't.

The kids weren't sure what to think at first.

My husband, on the other hand, grew up doing this. So he whipped out his skeet shootin' skills.

I have to admit something, I think he's totally hot.

Throwing the skeet.

This picture is here for a reason. But I can't tell you what for. Safety reasons and all that. I know, that is SO rude of me. But it's one of those things you kind of had to be there for.

But for those of you who were present, you know exactly what the picture means.

So feel free to laugh about it... again.

Now, I've only been skeet shooting once before. Just once, with Luke and his brothers. And those dang shotguns are freakin' heavy!

So I was a little dubious about it.

But for heaven's sake, I couldn't let my own white-haired mother show me up!

Oh boy, is this how you do it? Is the safety off? I think it's loaded.

I know all you experienced shooters are probably thinking I'm saying something clever like, "PULL!"

But in reality, it was really something like, "Throw that disk thingy already! This gun is freaking heavy!"

Because I'm classy like that.

Did I get it?

Did I get it? No?

Oh drat. 

Well, I guess hitting one out of twelve ain't bad.

And if any of you make fun of the way I'm standing right there, we won't be friends. 

Ever again.

After showing off my incredible shooting skills, I decided to stick with something I was just a wee bit better at.

Like driving the lawn mower. Yah baby! 

Well, it was a fun and dirty day.

Time for a bath!

Poor Alayna. I think she's feeling a tiny bit outnumbered in there.

Alayna, Joseph, Jacob, Nathan, Samuel

That night, my parents gave Savannah an early birthday present.

Can you tell she loved it?

Speaking of which, today is her birthday so I'm off to make cupcakes!

To be continued...

17 super cool people speak:

Kristina P. said...

My husband would pee his pants if they had skeet shooting at his family reunion.

Teachinfourth said...

Man, it looks like your vacation was reminiscent of Walk in the Wild Zoo. And skeet shooting?

Rock on.

Mama Smith said...

I am so GRATEFUL we caught so many WONDERFUL MOMENTS!!!!! Each picture made me SMILE!!!! (Hey, I do look good with a gun!) (smile)

iamwoman said...

It's a thanksgiving tradition to shoot skeet at my hubby's family farm. So fun. Except I hate picking up the leftover pieces. So I don't.

And oh my gosh. I am totally going to admit that I have a 50 caliber black powder buffalo rifle.

Cuz I am cool like that.

Or cuz everyone in my family gets one when they turn 14.

And even though I didn't care too much, I was always in major competion with my brothers.

And this comment just got totally sidetracked.

So I will stop now;)

One Cluttered Brain said...

I don't even know what a skeet is. is that like a clay target or something? LOL.
nice stance. LOL.
I bet i couldnt even shoot one.
i'm lame like that too LOL.
I can pop popcorn and bake yummy cookies though.

Patty Ann said...

Love it! I have never been skeet shooting, but I blew up a watermelon once. Does that count? It looks like you had a wonderful time, and I am so jealous of the Glacier Park trip!!!

Angela said...

Awesome, loved your post. Those are great pictures.

Cheeseboy said...

Those pictures are amazing. I have never been to Glacier, although my wife worked there one summer while she was "waiting" for me on my mission. We need to go there.

ldsjaneite said...

Happy Birthday to Savannah. 6 already?!

Saimi said...

So what you're saying is, your kids actually sleep? Wow!

Hey Annie Oakley love your shooting form, that gun looked bigger than you!

Garden of Egan said...

Good times!
Love the photos!
Love the wild animal photos too.
Oh, ya, and the Bighorn and deer.

You have the cutest kiddos!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday, Savannah!!

This was so cute, what a fun trip! I've never been skeet shooting. I'm not much of a gun girl.
This October, my husband is going deer hunting for the first time. I say "great! have fun! just don't make me come with."

Amber said...

You're awesome
I miss you
your kids are stinking cute
I refuse to shoot a shot gun
Happy Birthday Savannah!

Phannie said...

Oh so fun. I LOVE love LOVE the Glacier Area. We spend a week every year in Waterton. It's the Canadian side of Glacier National Park. Oh it's so beautiful. It looks like your family reunion was so much fun. Big Sky country is beautiful too.

hjsmith said...

I love the pictures and all the stories to go with them. I so wish we could have been there. Hopefully next time(: hope you are all doing great.

Kazzy said...

Great photos! Looks like quite the adventure. I want a family reunion... :(

Momza said...

We love Glacier Natl Park!! My MIL lives right there in Columbia Falls!
Isn't it just so gorgeous?!
And your family vacation rocked!

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