May 21, 2010

The Truth About Serene

I enjoyed every one's comments yesterday tremendously! I have much to think on.

But there was one in particular that made me chuckle. Yes, chuckle.

"I'm so glad you posted this - for selfish reasons :) You always seem so cheerful about all your kids and all the messes that they get in to and I was starting to feel like you were the absolute perfect supermom :)... and now I know you feel like me sometimes too!"

Let it be known to all that if there's one thing I'm NOT, it is this:

As you can see, I don't pull off blond very well.

In blogging I think we tend to put our best foot forward. While I do try to keep things real here, I don't talk about ALL the times where I just loose it and yell. Or lock myself in my bedroom to keep from yelling. Or the times I get angry and speak to my children through clenched teeth. Or when I just can't take it anymore and feel like I want to pull my hair out. Or wonder what in the world I've done to myself by having kids in the first place. Or the days I spend sobbing in the shower so no one will hear. Or the nights I spend thinking about all the things I'm doing wrong and how I'm the world's worst mother.

I'm on a constant roller coaster of ups and downs. And it's a daily ordeal. 

But humor is how I deal with situations, most of the time.

I know I've been pulling from my archives a lot but I wrote this a year ago and it is as true now as it was then.

So dieMutti, this is for you. This is the truth about me. 


Once you became a parent, did you notice how suddenly people were always giving you advise or offering the latest "well I heard that____".

For example:
Some people say, going from one kid to two kids is the hardest.
Others claim that going from two kids to three kids is the hardest.
And still others say that after three kids, its all the same. One more makes no difference.

Come, step into my laboratory and let's do some research to test this theory. Just be sure to read all warnings and side notes before entering. This research facility will not replace damaged goods or compensate lost or stolen sanity.

WARNING: Please don't wear white. Peanut butter and jelly hands in motion. It's just not safe.

NOTE: I am a non-profit organization so feel free to send donations!

Big ones.

Date: Oct 2007
Children: Three

Date: April 2009
Children: Four


People have no clue what they're talking about.

25 super cool people speak:

Saimi said...

Ha, I don't whether to laugh or cry! Just know that you are amazing and you should get the award for being a supermom. You're doing a great job and you have happy healthy kids, and trust me I've seen the worst of the worst.

Neisha said...

haha! I agree with Saimi, I think you should get the award for Supermom

Braden said...

Great post. I like your attitude of keeping it positive. I feel like my blog is a good way for me to process things and stay positive. And, you are right--people don't know what they're talking about.

Scrappy Girl said...

Sometimes you just gotta "lose it"...we all do! I love that you keep it real...I am an open book and that tends to include the good and bad in my blogging. Last night I did a very bad thing...I went to bed mad. Matter of fact I am still a little ticked. But if felt like I had broken a big rule or something.

M-Cat said...

So glad to know that I'm not the only Mom who has "lost it" a time or two.

And funny thing, they end up turning out okay after all!

Kristina P. said...

And yet, you look just as gorgeous!

Wonder Woman said...

Great. Maybe we ARE done having kids.........

yeah, probably not.

Cheeseboy said...

You look like an attractive version Blossom's friend Six in the below picture.

Hannah said...

You know, if they didn't say that its all the same after three...who'd have more? I was hoping it was true because three is killing me!

You are darling!

Charlotte said...

That was awesome. It was #5 that really did me in. Um, not to scare you or anything...

I still think you might secretly be supermom. If so, I need help, NOW!! Use your super powers to clean my house.

Lisa said...

Oh my H, that's hysterical! My daughter LOVES to do my hair. But I only allow it on Sunday afternoons, after church, and if we're not leaving the house anymore. And then she begs me to go show my parents who live down the street. Or she asks to choose my church outfit for the following week, etc. And I feel soooo guilty that I don't "enjoy" this part of mothering. And I just KNOW, that if I were a really good mother, I'd go out in public with three ponytails and a headband. Now SEE? YOU are the best mother, because YOU blogged your picture! You win.

Kami said...

dear supermom (or whatever you'd like to be known as, :D),
you make me giggle. please know that i feel yah sister. i don't feel alone on this, it is definitely nice to know that sometimes supermom can't pull off a blond or that locking herself in the bathroom is a temporary escape because she's just like me. woohoo!
again, i giggled at the post. thanks again.
kami (lol!)

Anne said...

Haha, thanks for the giggle : )
And just cause you're not perfect doesn't mean you're not a supermom!

The Damsel In Dis Dress said...

I think I prefer the 2nd picture. That's the girl I could feel comfortable hanging out with. Plus hairclips are back in, way back in.

Krista said...

All I can say is don't have two and then wait for seven years to have number three. It's like going back to number one again. But worse. You look "mahvelous dahling!" I cry on my closet floor because no one knows to look there!

Mr. Stupid said...

I can't say much but I laughed. You are a wonderful writer and great mom. You are a Supermom and that character suits you...:)

Mama Smith said...

I ENJOY all your comments as much as I do the POSTS...! How did we get such a clever daughter? I count my BLESSINGS EVERY DAY FOR YOU!!!

Marie said...

Aww, such a sweet comment above mine :) Gotta love our mamas. You look fabulous in both pictures! And you're right...people have no idea what they're talking about. Thanks for your nice comment on my blog...and no it's not creepy. haha! :)

Amy said...

You're STILL cute!! Inside and out! When I become a mommy, I will know exactly how you feel and I will draw strength from your experience. I'm kinda scared. No... really scared. I babysat my nephew the other day who is a good baby and a fun little guy and I was still thinking... oh crap, what am I getting myself into?

Pearl said...

Sheesh! I'm glad to know you are a lot like me. Crying in the shower so no one will know...I thought I was the only one who did that! That is, if I even GET a shower.

Both pictures look fabulous! Especially the cheesy grin one. That's my fav

One Cluttered Brain said...

You are awesome and a very beautiful woman!!
i am so eXCITED I get to meet you in person this next week!
I'll be the crazy one with the crazy light up glasses.
i LOVE your head on super woman! You will have to teach me how to do that. i have some ideas.

One Cluttered Brain said...

You are on my blogroll now so I can keep up with all your posts!!!

Sue said...

You can always be counted on to be real. And I like that about you.


dieMutti said...

Wow, I'm totally famous now! Look at that! :) Thanks for clarifying...but I'll probably still be admiring your great attitude. From afar. Not stalking you, I promise. Cause that would be creepy.

PS - Three kids didn't phase me much. I actually think two kids were harder. But now the four? And nobody in school yet? Totally kicking my trash.

Utah Mom said...

I always tell people that it doesn't matter what number the kid is - 1,3,4,5,11 - it's going to require a family adjustment. And we all know a lot depends on the personality of the kid.

I've just discovered your blog--great stuff. :)

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