May 5, 2010

Pulling from the Archives - A Poem

As I sit here scarfing down a bag of chocolate chips, I'm feeling rather like a chicken with its head cut off. Ahh! So much to do! So little time! Why does sleep have to take up so much of my day!

Such a waste.

So, I'm pulling from my archives. It's a poem a wrote a year ago, right before we moved into our house.

You didn't know I wrote poetry, did you?

Okay, so I don't.


I hear by dedicate this epic masterpiece, this historic work of art to all mothers, old and young, many kids or no kids, because since we've all been there, it's really about all of you!

And when I'm rich and famous for it, I will share the wealth with everyone who leaves a comment! Because then I'll know who really loves me.

And when I'm not so rich and famous, I hope you commenters won't hold any grudges. After all, there's no guarantees in this business. Some crazy person might not consider it a masterpiece and ruin all my plans for fame and fortune.

Would You Like To Be Me?

The day starts so early the night went too fast
I fall out of bed, nearly earning a cast
The kids are all up, but happy they're not
I’m ready to put them back in bed on the spot

The house is a wreck the dishes are high
There’s laundry to do and I heave a big sigh
There’s no time to think, its time to just do
Perhaps I could bury my head in a shoe

Alayna has an infection in her right ear
The medicine makes her stomach hurt and easy to hear
Her cough is harsh and makes her quite sad
For the last three days it has been really bad

Jacob, his cough has been fairly light
But unfortunately his bottom is in quite a plight
The diapers and clothes he keeps leaking through
Tend to get on me so I smell like his poo

Joseph, poor kid, his fever is high
His cough is horrific and there’s pink in his eye
He’s been sleeping all day, really quite sound
So he wet the couch then slept on the ground

Savannah is healthy and sassy as ever
Teaching her to behave is quite the endeavor
No one told me that I was getting a teen
Trapped inside a four-year old dream

We just bought a house, this week it came about
At the end of the month we have to be out
Which leaves me eight days to pack everything
Or else the renters will start pulling strings

Its bedtime now and Luke is at work
So I’m left all alone there’s no time to shirk
I give the kids baths, there’s water everywhere
At the rate things are going, will I still have hair?

And yet those darn kids, once they are tucked in their beds
Scream “Good night! I love you!” As I kiss their small heads
Those monkeys are lucky I think they’re so cute
Or else long ago I’d have given them the boot

With so much to do, why in the world do I blog?
I can’t help myself this is my time to defog
And like it or not you are reading to see

If just for one day you'd like to be me.

17 super cool people speak:

Sue said...

Your muse is powerful indeed.

And so is your sense of humor.


Braden said...

Awesome poem, Serene! I like the part about how fast the morning comes. That is a sad, sad truth. I wonder if, before the Fall, it was reversed?

Lisa said...

Through and pooh... thought provoking indeed. Truly beautiful.

And I don't want you to share the wealth, I just want a shout out when you're receiving your awards. Something like, "And (weep, weep, wipe a tear) this here award (cry, sob) is for my BEST FRIEND LISA WOOD BINGHAM! (howl, balwl) WHO TAUGHT ME THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS BLUE AND SHOE (teeth sucking, head shake, downturned eyes) and I LOVE HER. DO YOU HEAR ME? I LOVE THAT WOMAN! Amen."

That's all I ask.

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Ha ha ha!! I'm going to put it into my speech right now!!

I just know I'm going to get a call any moment now about my award....

The Damsel In Dis Dress said...

How I love my visits to your little corner of blogland. The nibbled cheese! The underwear in the pan! :)

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Great poem!:)

Anonymous said...

I'm am seriously impressed and I would totally like to be you for one day so I can see how you do it all! As I've said before, you truly ARE wonder woman, and it's no surprise your kids have super powers!

Stephanie Bishop said...

Cleverly written and oh so relateable to every Mom enduring the long months of winter viruses! YEAH for springtime! oh wait---the blossoms burn blizzards of pollen into one's eyes! Walmart pharmacy is once again THE most popular hangout!

Amy said...

You'd look funny with a shoe on your head.

I'm wanting some monkeys of my own! But they're just not coming.

Hey, when I'm famous too we'll have to hang out where famous people hang out and eat famous people food and talk about the little people.

Anne said...

Love it!

Patty Ann said...

Love the poem! It is way too true!

One Cluttered Brain said...

Love it!
Esp. the part about poo and you feel like you have it on you. I totally get that feeling.


I live your humor and nostalgia.
i think i am already like you, I don't have to wish I was you...HAHA!

Lindzena said...

Ha, I used to do the poetry thing too! This was cute. It would take a crazy person to think it's no good. :)

Cheeseboy said...

Glad you reposted this. It is genius. Sounds of my wife's daily plight, except the smelling like poo part.

~Cassidy~ said...

Looooove it! That is the kind of poetry I used to write. I may have to pull some out!

Krista said...

Great poo-etry! I loved it! You are sooooo darn cute! Just want you to know that. And don't forget me in your speech, either. Only mine would be all things pink and precious and best of blonde moments.

Mama Smith said...

I must have felt that way...once upon a time...It is a good "MEMORY" is going...going....gone....!!!(smile)

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