May 13, 2010

Boys will be Boys

Lazy days (since I've never actually seen one I'm not sure I'm a true believer in their existence) always tend to backfire.

The mess is just bigger, the kids are just crankier, and bedtime is just louder.

Why is that? Who's evil, diabolical plan was it to create a fail safe button hidden away somewhere that prevents us parents to have any sort of peace for any decent amount of time?

Just checking to see if anyone knows the answer.

In the meantime, I have this totally great idea.

I know you want to hear it.

Leave the kids outside alone for a little while, probably in the neighbor's yard that has no grass yet.

Especially the boys. Oh yes, definitely the boys. Because they have a knack for doing things they aren't suppose to be doing.

Like say.... oh, pouring dirt down into places that shouldn't have dirt in them.

And sing while they're doing it. 

Then laugh hysterically like they are the funniest little boys to ever walk the earth.

Then run away quickly when they see mom marching towards them.

Go ahead! I dare you.

And yes, that really is all just dirt.

Because this blog tries to be rated NPE. (No parental experience required) All material is appropriate for parents and non-parents.

Except when this blog is used as a form of birth control.

As I've often been told it has been, quite successfully.

19 super cool people speak:

Cheeseboy said...

That is a lot of dirt. A lot of dirt. We need a dirt pile by our house. It looks like they are having too much fun.

Codi said...

That was totally me yesterday! My 4 year old did that to my 18 month old. He used sand instead and started at the head, which lead into the ear, down the shirt and into the diaper!

When I asked why he threw sand at him, the 4 year old said, "because they were bombs!" I said, "why would you throw bombs at your brother, why wouldn't you protect him." He said, "Mom, they're just pretend and it was funny!"


Stacy said...

I love that you took pictures of the dirt-filled diaper. You are going to have lots and lots of great blackmail pictures.

Suze said...


Maybe I'm just one of the boys too, but that's hilarious!!!

Valerie said...

Not just dirt, but rocks! Crazy.

Sue said...

Ahhh. Performance art!

Isn't it lovely when children are creative?


Jocelyn Christensen said...

I did NOT need to see that!!!!

Lindzena said...

Ha! Ha ha ha ha ha. Ok that's hilarious. I'm suddenly really uncomfortable at the idea of dirt. Thank goodness I'm a bit older than that now. That temptation is lesser for me now.

And yes, lazy days do exist over the summer when you don't have kids... but they tend to drive me insane after a while.

Scrappy Girl said...

LOL! The other day I caught Wild Child holding out her pants and filling her panties with dirt. When I asked her why she was doing it she replied, "I don't know." I couldn't help but think of Bill Cosby's piece on BRAIN DAMAGE! I {heart} Bill Cosby's parenting advice.

Braden said...

That diaper is too funny. That brings back a lot of memories. At least they sing while they are doing this. That is a good sign

Garden of Egan said...

Well, I'm thinkin' that it's a good thing they PUT the dirt in the diaper instead of that poor little street urchin POOPIN' it out.
I know this is a G rated site and I probably shouldn't use the word POOPIN' (twice no less) BUT I'm a nurse so I can handle it.
Being a nurse I have experience in poop (third) and NOTHING would surprise me.

Glad he didn' know.....(didn't want to use THAT word a 4th time)

Charlotte said...

Can I tell you how glad I am to be done with diapers. There is nothing quite like playing the "why is there THAT in the diaper" game (except, of course, the "why is the poop THAT color" game).

M-Cat said...

How hysterical. And even funnier when she is old enough to exact her revenge!

Wonder Woman said...

No. Way.

"Boys will be boys" is an apt title.

Saimi said...

Now that's what I call dropping some rocks! Love it! By the way my
verification word is trial...Seems appropriate wouldn't you say!! HA

ldsjaneite said...

And people WONDER why we younger sisters of brothers have issues!!! Proof right here that it starts early...and never stops!

Rachel Sue said...

Why are boys like that?

I bought a table last night. It was in this house less than 12 hours before it had crayon all over it.


Anonymous said...

So funny and so true! BOYS!

Mama Smith said...

At least she had on a disposable diaper...I used "cloth" ones until I got to YOU...before I used my FIRST DISPOSABLE(smile)

I was trying to remember...what your OLDER brothers did to you and Jenny...Must have had "angels" for sons...cause, I can't REMEMBER anything!!! (smile)

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