May 7, 2010

Note to Self


Attack and clean basement

Start selling books and crafts at a local boutique

Go grocery shopping for the first time in almost three weeks

Stay up till 1am super-scrubbing the kitchen

Weekend Schedule:

Finish laundry, bathrooms, and master bedroom.

Sister-in-law and her three kids here for the day.

My parents and baby brother come in this afternoon for the weekend.

Two of my sisters, their husbands, and two more kids join in tomorrow night.

Sunday is Mother's Day, and Jacob's birthday.

Oh, and I'm teaching in Young Women.

Stress Relief and Happiness Pill:

Imagine sunshine and butterflies in a field of white daisies. Wait... what?

Leave kids alone for about two minutes, you won't be disappointed.

Note to self:

No need to panic. No need to stress.

But there's a bag of chocolate chips in the pantry... just in case.

26 super cool people speak:

Sue said...

I like your style! And your list!!

Have a great weekend, and a happy Mother's Day...


Garden of Egan said...

Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!! Those two boys are gonna spend their lives getting into trouble!
Look at those eyes. Oh girl you are gonna need a lifetime supply of happy pills and chocolate.

Good luck with the weekend thing. Personally it sounds like a LOT of work.
However, I know I'm in for some great pictures in the next couple of days. I gotta go pop some popcorn and hang out on your blog waiting for the action to start!

Note to you:
hide the matches
and the soap
oh, and the toilet paper rolls...(I can see them clogging the toilet)

my verification word:
However, I think they were mistaken it should be:

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Haha, you're too funny!

The matches are in the cupboard above the fridge, but the boys are rather into climbing the counters these days, I want to hide the soap but think my guests might find it disturbing after they use the bathroom, and toilet paper... did I ever tell you Jacob use to take bits out of the toilet paper rolls? And yes, oh most wise and all-knowing one, our toilets have been clogged by LLOOTTSS of paper before.

And VW words always speak the truth.

Amber said...

Wow! Your weekend is going to be busy!! Still, I am impressed by what you have already accomplished! You are pretty much awesome. : )

Scrappy Girl said...

OMG...I recognize that look in their eyes! It is the same one mine had yesterday before they hit the mud! LOL. Hope you have a great weekend and Mother's Day!

The Bahr's said...

Haha! My three year old son just got an "ahh ha"! look on his face while looking at your pictures. I think the tooth brushes will disapear now... our toilet paper is tucked away in the medicine cabnit, have to tell guests where it is before they go into the bathroom. Have a fun weekend!

Lisa said...

Stuck to their heads? Freakin' love it! And some Mother's Days are soooo not about the Mother. Like that time my husband gave me a teddy and a book on "positions" when I was pregnant. Mm hmm. Bless his all about him heart. Good luck this weekend!

The Martos Family said...

It sure is whole lot of work when family comes to town, I clean places I never imagined could get dirty. But it is awsome to be ab;e to share important days with our eternal peeps. Don't stress to much and have a great mothers day.

Braden said...

Little boys are great. Love those grins and suction cup toothbrushes. But I think you are in for a lot of trips to the pantry over the next few years.

Brittney said...

Just curious if you sell your crafts and books for fun like a hobby or because you want the extra money?

Thos boys are so cute.

Oh and my verification word is "sperm"... lovely

Neisha said...

your boys are hilarious!!
sounds like a busy weekend!
Happy Mother's Day on Sunday!

Lisa said...

Love that picture. Fun your selling at a boutique. Have a wonderful mothers day.

Lisa S said...

I love semi sweet chocolate chips...I keep mine in the freezer.

triciathomas said...

I love your blog!! That picture totally cracked me up!! I hope everything gets all wrapped up and you enjoy your mother's day!! You deserve it!

Cheeseboy said...

That is quite a list. I think my wife is teaching in YW too (she is YW Pres)... on Mother's Day weekend no less. I better really spoil her.

Patty Ann said...

Oh Serene,
I remember those days! Just keep saying..."This too shall pass, this too shall pass, this too shall pass!" Seriously, they do grow up and become men. It only FEELS like it takes forever!

Saimi said...

Happy Mother's Day Serene and take advantage of your day OFF, looks like you'll need it!! :)

Lindzena said...

Ha! Dang mom life is not easy. Since summer started, I'm still looking for stuff to do outside of working twice a week!

Charlotte said...

Unicorns ... they do exist.

My husband is leaving right after church on Mother's Day. Last year he was working. Lucky me.

Krista said...

I loved the toothbrushes on their foreheads! It proves they have a great sense of humor (which is way important) and they must keep you hopping. Maybe they should try to brush their sibling's teeth like that. Fun and functionable!

Anne said...

LOL, I love the toothbrushes : )

iamwoman said...

I am VERY interested in seeing a "after" list. I am lucky to get half the amount accomplished as I plan:)

Oh-- and I just was going through my dashboard and scrolling down and I wondered when in the heck Serene was because I havn't seen any updates in forever. Then I realized I WASN'T a follower. WHAT? Holy crap. It's a done deal now, sista. I must have always just clicked over. silly me.

Jackie said...

I hope you get some in there, MOTHER! Love ya!

See Mom Smile said...

Sounds about right! Try to have a great mothers day!

M-Cat said...

You've captured the life of a busy mom perfectly!
Happy Momma's day!

Mikki said...

That is some list!! GOod luck with it.
I'm here from Tauna's blog. Think I've found a new favorite. I'm bookmarking you now!
I also commented down there on that post about screwing your kids up. Yeah, I'm aces at that.
Have a Happy Mothers Day!!!

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