May 31, 2010

Blogger's Conference - Part 1

Before I get to talking about the CBC, there is one thing I just gotta get off my chest. You don't mind do you? No? Awesome.

This flu/possible kidney infection I've been fighting all week has come back to kick me in the butt. Yes, you heard right, butt. Sorry mom that I must use such language before your eyes, but it is very much called for in this situation. Butt. Butt, butt, butt. If the flu had one, I would kick it out the door!

I was flying high all weekend thanks to wonderful Tauna, ER nurse extraordinaire, and her happiness and sunshine bottle filled with Tylenol and Ibuprofen.

But due to the lack of sleep and perhaps over-extending myself just a wee bit, (don't know why I brought high heels) Sunday did me in! I barely made it through church, dragging my sad carcass from class to class, then came home, found my way to our solitary couch and landed into it's open arms.

Where I stayed. All. Day.

My husband was good enough (and smart to enough) to leave me there. Today, still feeling pretty lousy, but better.

Okay, whew! Feeling better now that I've vented. Cleared the air. Have it all out in the open, if ya know what I'm sayin'.

Now, where to begin! First, you have to know I was LOUSY at taking pictures. There were a ton of bloggers that I met that I didn't take pictures of. Bad Serene!

Well, I guess I'll just start off with the Girl's Night Out that was Thursday night as the kick start to the CBC. There were suppose to be free mani's, pedi's, massages, and some make and take projects.

In the end there were no pedi's. *sniff* That was the one thing I wanted above all else. But alas, I was left with ugly toes the whole conference.

So rude.

I'll admit when we walked into the room at the hotel where it was held, I looked over the vast see of estrogen and wondered how in the world I was going to find anyone I knew! It's tricky to try and match up a tiny little profile picture to the real deal.

So Tauna and I slunk to the back of the room where we sat and observed for a while. Then we decided it was time to take advantage of the massages going on. As we got up and started talking to people, we started to find people we knew!

Here's Tauna enjoying her massage!... I think.

I haven't yet told my husband that another man had his hands all over me at the conference. *gasp*

Linda from See Mom Smile was the first one I recognized right off the bat, and she is honestly just as funny as her blog. I just love her. I'm sorry that it's such a frighteningly close picture. My face always looks so... scary when it is.

And super cute Charlotte from Memories for Later. What a brave soul to come so far by herself for the conference. She was so great! Can I just say I still can't believe her husband picked out her outfit. I know right? A man with taste!

And Amber from Making the Moments Count. She wasn't what I was expecting. What a happy, smiley, sweet soul. I just fell in love with her. I wish we lived closer.

And then there were these adorable sisters. They were just down-right awesome and so fun! InkMom from I'm Not Crazy Mommy, and MommyJ from Mommy Snark. Loved their southern drawl.

And even though I met many, many others, I failed to take pictures. Bad Serene!

Well, I must end here. My kids are all awake and playing with things they shouldn't, like knives, and my husband thinks we should go do something productive, like plant the garden. Because apparently blogging isn't as productive as planting a garden.

Who knew?

28 super cool people speak:

Scrappy Girl said...

I think that experience would have been like meeting bloggy celebrities! I am so jealous...

Garden of Egan said...

Wow! At least you posted pictures. I still haven't downloaded mine.
(too busy grave-visiting)

My hubs is sayin' it's time to plant the garden too.

Ya, I really worried about those high heels. I have a picture of you holding the high heels while you were chatting it up. I think I will post about that one.

You were truly the Belle of the Ball there. So POP u LAR!

Get rested.
Get the urine tested (sorry Serene's mom for saying urine on her blog)
Get feelin' better.

gigi said...

I'm enjoying your pictures of such a fun weekend. Hope you get to feeling better and don't work in the garden just supervise.

Amber said...

Awwww! I love you too! If you lived closer, I'd be at your house every day. OK. Maybe not every day but, well, you get the picture. : )

Larsen said...

I believe you were POP U LAR and I wasn't even there to witness. Boo. Will you take me next time??

So Luke came and spoke i our ward and Landon knew it and he was sad that Savannah wasn't there. Poor kid.

He drew a picture to give her and everything. he hasn't forgotten that this week he can play with her. We'll call after our busy day....

We are NOT doing the garden thing today, and probably not visiting my grandma's grave. We are going to spend some quality time at Sub Zero, putting up the photo wall.

Saimi said...

Man girl, if you look that beautiful feeling sick, I wonder what you would look like in full health!

I'm jelous, I wasn't there to join in all the fun but happy you were able to go!

Happy planting!

Stacy said...


I'm still pouting about not being able to go.

Especially since I had the weekend from hell.

(Sorry, Serene's mom for saying hell. Its true.)

One Cluttered Brain said...

Well at least i got a picture of us that you can have if you want. :)

YAY for Tauna and for her getting you better!
i hope your kidney issues resolve soon and your kiddos are NOT playing with knives.

PSHAW! Gardening OVER blogging? As If! LOL.

Talk to you later Serene girly. :)
It was great to meet you at the conference!

Royalbird said...

Glad I got to meet you on Sat, if only briefly! (Next time, I hope DH can get the time off when he asks three months in advance!)

Kristina P. said...

I literally took one picture the entire time! I suck!

It was great to meet you and I hope you feel better.

Patty Ann said...

Loved the report. thanks Serene for making me feel like I was there even for a moment! ( I would have really liked a free massage though....) And I never pick gardening over blogging! Just saying......

Mama Smith said...

GASP times 5! (for "butt") GASP! (for "urine")GASP! (for "hell")I think I have caught my breath now... WHEW! (smile)

Sue said...

Looks like it was a great time. Take care now and get better!


Doran & Jody said...

What? Your sick and you let me hug you? I was wondering why I was feeling like someone ran me over last night....You left some of your bugs here.

M-Cat said...

Sorry you didn't get your pedi - but the real question - did you miss me?

And I hope you are feeling better!

Cheeseboy said...

Wow. This is like a red carpet event of all my favorite mom blogs. I've heard there were men there, but so far I have seen no evidence of them. Maybe when I see evidence, I will consider going next year.

iamwoman said...

I actully saw you on a friends facebook photo album. I was like, 'HEY! That's Serene! I know her!"


The Damsel In Dis Dress said...

Hey! Get better immediately and that's an order.

I was super excited to meet you in person but now I'm glad we didn't kiss. lol

Sarah loves it all said...

Serene, it was such a delight to meet you! I have a picture of US on my blog. :) You are so dang beautiful. Even more so in person. (if anyone wanted to know)I wish I could have talked with you more, but things did get a little overwhelming for me. Remember that post a while ago when you said something about coming across stuck up in person?? It couldn't be further from the truth. You are a doll, and now I feel that my life is complete. :) I had no idea you were sick. I REALLY hope you get feeling better. Love, Sarah

Camille said...

If my face was as gorgeous as yours, I wouldn't mind it being in a close up! :) So fun to meet you this weekend!

T said...

I made it home about 5 minutes before my family left for church... which meant I had a 3 hour nap... with apologies to the Jr primary chorister who had to cover for me... oops!

Get that butt of yours (sorry Serene's Mom) to the Dr. already...

Mr. Stupid said...

Wow. I better check on all these wonderful bloggers. Looks like you guys had a good time.
Have a nice day!:)

Charlotte said...

I managed one picture, and I'm not even in it. It was great to meet you, you are even greater IRL (and your blog persona is hard to top!)

InkMom said...

The only picture I took is of my baby wedged in between MommyJ and our mom, sitting on the couch in our hotel room, holding an empty bottle of Coke. Supremely cute, yes. Documentary, no. So, glad to know someone has proof I actually attended.

Great to meet you!

ldsjaneite said...

Look at this--all these people confirming what I already knew: how beautiful of a person you are in every way. And my dear, the only close up picture of you that could be considered scary would have to be the camera looking straight up your nose. Then again, you're so gorgeous I might be wrong on that! :-)

Megan said...

I took my camera but somehow forgot to take even one stupid picture. DANG IT! I was also sad about the pedis. So I let my 3 year old daughter paint my toes on Friday morning--they looked AWESOME. not really.

Evelyn said...

Ooo! Ow! That dang jealousy bug is biting and stinging! Looks like it was A.w.e.s.o.m.e. Would have loved to meet you! One day... :)

Sara Lyn said...

Too funny. I was scanning your pictures and realized, "Hey! I know that girl!" Amber was in my ward at one time. SUCH a nice girl! Glad you found her.

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