December 30, 2009

We interrupt this Christmas program...

... to make this special announcement.

Only moments ago, we received word of a chocolate deal going down in the living room. Our eye witness, who's name and position in the household is being with held for safety purposes, tells us what happened.

"Well, there I was, taking advantage of a quiet moment in which I took the opportunity to be lazy. It was then that I noticed just how quiet it was. It was too quiet. So I snuck into the living room to investigate."

"Now, I know these little monkeys KNOW that they aren't allowed to eat in the living room (if you've ever read any of my pre-house, apartment posts, you would know why) so I confess I was a bit surprised by the boldness of their black market actions."

"It would appear that they are experts with much experience as the goods being dealt managed to stay hidden from view as I tried to collect evidence. It was later discovered that the items in question were mini M&Ms."

"My undercover partner, who will remain unknown, had no further comment to offer."

Well, there you have it. Never trust extreme silence.

Find out all the breaking news here, at Channel 4monkeys.

3 super cool people speak:

pcNut said...

Love you Serene! Sorry to hear you all have had the stomach/barfing bug too. We did that a couple of weeks ago and we're just barely climbing out of the mountains of laundry. Yuck!
Can't wait to talk to you:)

Heidi said...


That last picture just made it on my very long list of Alayna Favorites. Love the innocent faces of the other 3.

Mama Smith said...

And they say that "silence" was "golden"...(smile)

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