December 7, 2009


Independence. That word can mean so many different things to so many different people. The fourth of July, girl's night out, a snowmobile (don't go getting any ideas now Luke), eating enormous amounts of chocolate without gaining any weight... oh wait, we were talking about independence, not dreams.

But it takes on a whole new meaning for a mother. I mean, it can be a good thing! Kids who are potty-trained, who can pour their own cereal, put their own shoes on, those are good things.

Have you ever noticed how that word or one silimar comes up in all the sales pitches for some new child's toy or baby product? "Teach your child independence through blah blah blah blah."

I think its silly because the little people know how to exert independence when it is called for.

In my most humble and totally un-asked for opinion, most kids don't need any extra Independence then what have already been so lovingly and humorously (at the expense of the mother) blessed with. Sometimes, its not always the most wonderful of things.

For example, what about when your little child insists they are old enough to go to the bathroom all by themselves while at a public place? Despite how mad they get at you, you follow them into the bathroom for safety reasons. And not one minute after they lock themselves into the stall, they are crying for help. But of course, you are locked out. What then? (Sav*cough*annah)

Or what about when your toddler insists on dressing for the beach in the dead of winter and pulls off every single pair of pants just to make sure mom hasn't hidden ALL the shorts away? Or dumps all the shoes out of the shoe basket in order to stand on it so they can reach up high enough to pull off the t-shirts that would normally be out of reach? (Jo*cough*seph)

Or when your toddler pulls out every single book to find that one favorite? And your efforts and getting them to clean up only manage to go so far. Especially when throwing clothes high in the air to see where they will land becomes a distraction. (Jac*cough*ob)

Yes, even babies find the need to show that they won't be outdone by their older opponents. For they too know how to show off the independent side. (Alay*cough*na)

See what I mean? Independence... please! We don't need any more of that around here thank-you-very-much! We have plenty of that without your so-called independence enhancing, expensive toy!

Still, Alayna does have the right idea. Playing innocent, pish! She can't fool me!

(sigh) If only, if only.... (Is it wrong to be a little jealous of a 10-moth old?)

6 super cool people speak:

Sara Lyn said...

Alayna sure does do "innocent" well. :)

pcNut said...

My four year old and two year old exerted enough independence by turning my bed into a giant jumping slide: stripped sheets, tilted mattress on to box spring, and voila! No more independence around here either please:)
(Of course, I got some good work done in that hour they bounced into the wall over and over again:)
How these walls survive?!
I agree with Sara Lyn as well. Alyna sure does play "innocent" well:) Those naps look good...well, if you have Smith genes and can fall asleep in any position:)

Love you Serene. This of course made me laugh and smile like usual:)

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Haha, my kids love to do that too! And it truly is amazing how much you can get done when they are occupied with a mattress slide!

Mama Smith said...

I know how frustrating this is to you young mothers...especially, when you are TIRED and have SO MANY OTHER THINGS TO CATCH UP ON and DO.....but, to this GRANNY....right at this moment...can't help but LAUGH OUT LOUD...and ENJOY these MOMENTS from a DISTANCE...However, I am still not simply LYING around, eating bon-bons and reading books just, yet...I still live with a TEENAGE SON...YES...just 2 more years...and it will be MISSION TIME!!!! (smile)

Emily C said...

Oh, my, your house is looking like mine. And I'm at the point of nervous breakdown, I can only imagine. Guy's favorite game is pulling every single thing out of his closet.

Kira said...

I'm laughing. Not with you, at you. You thought you were in charge. AHAHAHAHAHA. AHHH hahaha.

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