December 7, 2009

One More Down

I finished a drawing of my sister and her family the other day. They had some pictures taken a few days before he left for four months to boot camp training in Oklahoma somewhere.

Anyway, he gets back in about a week and she wanted to surprise him with a welcome home gift. She gave this picture to me and asked if I could draw it.

Although the quality of the image she sent was poor, its such a cute family picture that I was terrified I would mess it up!

It came out alright. I did re-draw my brother-in-law's face about four times and I think I've developled a twitch in my left eye from squinting at the fizzy image she told me to use.

I still find things that I'm not completely satisfied with, but I was under strict orders from my sister and mother not to touch it anymore. So, there it is. It turned out okay.

I just hope he likes that I took out his little Alfalfa hair. Do you think I'll get in trouble for that? =)

4 super cool people speak:

Mama Smith said...

SARAH....It turned out FABULOUS!!!!! I didn't know he had an "Alfalfa" till I saw the original picture...(smile) LOVE IT!!!!

Valerie said...

Awesome! You are very talented. Thanks for sharing it with us. I'm sure they will treasure it.

John and Jami West said...

It's BEAUTIFUL!! You are so talented Serene! I can't even draw a stick figure.

Sarah said...

Really, really nice!

Hey, I have some art book recommendations for you and Savannah.

Mark Kistler's "Draw Squad" and Drawing With Children. by Mona Brookes. Some moms of gifted art children suggested those as really good ones for kids. Our library has both of them, so yours might also...

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