December 2, 2009

Too Much Turkey - Part 2

Let's see now, where had we left off... oh yes, the scary, unshowered version of myself. (shudder)

Well here we are. Showered and clean, (that's the back of my head over by the microwave because I could just tell you were dying to know) I made the yummiest Spinach Artichoke dip which everyone in this picture is consuming in mass quantities. Except for the kids, who were consuming hot chocolate in mass quantities. I'll share all the recipes on Friday.

Games came after the snacks.

Including the famous Smith version of "Chicken Feet". Its a domino game that brings out the best... and worst of my family.

I'll show you what I mean. Take my dear, sweet, innocent looking mother for instance. Here she is, claiming to take pictures of the fun when really, she was doing reconnaissance.

Of course, considering my dad won every single game, I probably should have checked under the table... just to be sure. You never know how many dominoes "accidentally" ended up under there.

Do you think we look alike? Well, except for the long hair... which he actually use to have in his early 20's. (eeeww)

This year, I am thankful that our trampoline didn't break.

Back inside, the preparations of Thanksgiving dinner continue. Of course, I should have known better than to let my crazy sis near water. She claimed she was washing potatoes...

...but I know better. And so does Alayna.

(sigh) Nothing like ugly, dead, brown weeds to warm the soul... oh ya, and of course the kids all playing with Uncle Hyrum. That too.

Of course, as the craziness began to pick-up, Alayna knew just what to do.

I think I should find a good hiding place too. It might come in handy in the future.

Okay, confession. There really is a reason these posts are called "too much turkey". I went to the store to pick up a turkey. Not really knowing what was considered big or small, I just grabbed one. Apparently 39 cents a pound is a good deal, but I digress. I did get teased some when I brought home a 27.13 pound turkey. How was I to know that that was the Turkey Goliath?
Well, we all ate, ate, and ate some more. Once every was stuffed full of too much turkey, things got REALLY exciting.

Told ya.

All in all, it was a good day... even if the turkey barely fit in the roaster oven.

And even though all the male specimens in this family need haircuts.

Don't worry, tomorrow is the conclusion to this truly enthralling Thanksgiving story.

Okay, was that a sigh of sadness? Or relief?

4 super cool people speak:

Valerie said...

So many great pictures. I think the funny stories like you buying the huge turkey (and me cooking it with the bag of "goodies" still inside years ago) where we continue to get laughed at make good bonding memories. :)

Heidi said...

That turkey is heavier than, like, all of your kids!

Mama Smith said...

All these pictures...bring so many WONDERFUL feelings...I had SUCH A GREAT TIME!!!!

Angel Day said...

What kind of animal is growing on Luke's face?

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