December 3, 2009

Too Much Turkey - Part 3

I have only been shopping on Black Friday twice before. And neither time was specifically because it was Black Friday and it most certainly wasn't any of that early morning nonsense. But this year, my sis talked me into going with her to Walmart. We showed up at about 5:30am and the lines were RIDICULOUS! Seriously, I couldn't believe it! And I swear the average number of completely full carts per person was two. And everyone was buying towels. I guess there must have been some sweet deal on towels. But it was so ridiculous it was funny. Aside from the $5 DVDs and the $7 snow boots, there was nothing else there worth going that early for.

The best part was when we were ready to check out about 6:30am, there wasn't a single line left in the store. Hahaha, oh well. At least they had free donuts!

After Walmart, my mom and I did go to a couple craft stores. But they are sneaky. Did you know they save most of there deals for Saturday morning? Pish. Black Friday? So, NOT worth it.

But now that Thanksgiving was officially over, I was excited to put up Christmas decorations. The first thing I did was whip out our small, barely 6-foot Christmas tree that I made Luke buy the first Christmas we were married. The kids couldn't have been more pumped.

After all, putting up a Christmas tree requires the super strength of Batman. (Since he insists that's his name, I'm starting to wonder if he's going to want to get his name legally changed)

Err, this picture is a bit... awkward.

But the kids were most "helpful". Very, ummm... determined.

I will make no comment about this next picture. None.

While I was putting the tree up, something strange was going on in the kitchen.

I love Joel's pink jacket! So cute!

No... wait, Becka's jacket I mean.

No... no, wait! I KNEW it had to be Joel's!

Why all the crowding around a computer? Apparently my family has a slight obsession with the Farmville game on Facebook. I'm never played it before but my sis kept wandering around crying about how desperately she needed to feed her fish. And my dad kept wondering why people were giving him so many reindeer. (I'm seriously considering calling up a psychiatrist... just don't tell them)

So Friday afternoon, my crazy sis and her hubby left to go home. Then my dad, brother and I did some shopping. One stop was a last second decision after a quick flip around u-turnish type move. A used bookstore. I L.O.V.E. going to used bookstores! Used bookstores and furniture stores are my favorites places to go. Dad even spoiled me by getting a couple books for my collection. They are these hardback Reader's Digest Classics Collection that I have been collecting since I was a teenager and have only ever been able to find at used bookstores. The best part is, this place has four more books that I don't have in my collection yet. Time to start saving up!

So there you have it... whether you wanted it or not. My 2009 Thanksgiving story. Saturday my parents had to head home so we decided to take some family pictures.

If you have ever wondered why my kids are so... well, uniquely crazy? Wonder no longer. These next pictures reveal all. (sigh) Some men just never grow up, do they?

Happy Thanksgiving! Even though its been over for several days now....

Oh, I decided to write up and post the recipes on a different blog. So just click on the title to see the recipe.

Best Spinach and Artichoke Dip

Mandarin Chicken Salad
NOTE: This recipe makes a HUGE salad which tends to get soggy, but still tastes amazing once it becomes leftovers. So if you want to make a smaller version just cut the recipe in half.

4 super cool people speak:

Heidi said...

I had 3 distinct thoughts while reading this post. The rest I just decided to let go.
1. Family bums stick together...?
2. I love used bookstores, too! SaraLyn and I went to 2 or 3 in one day. I can't remember now. But I wasn't tired of it. I'm always impressed by how lovely your collection looks. Mine never looked that great. And now it's 2/3 less than what is used to be. *sniff*
3. What did the Chinese chickens do to keep being put in salads. Why can't we do American chickens? Or Italian? Or Argentinian? I bet Hawaiian chickens taste even better!

Sara Lyn said...

Yay! You finally got to go to the used bookstore! Heidi and I actually went to two used bookstores and a library that has a used bookstore in it.

I'm really excited for the Mandarin Chicken Salad. Yummy!

Mama Smith said...

The dip and salad were GREAT!!!! By-the-way, the next time we get a chance to go see you...we will definitely visit that USED bookstore..."I" didn't get enough time to REALLY LOOK...I came away with only "6" books...and we were only in there less than an HOUR...(smile)

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Oh Heidi... hahahahahahahaha! That's all I have to say.

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