December 1, 2009

Too Much Turkey - Part 1

Starting this post off with ultimate cuteness is most necessary. It gets you in the right mood.

Okay! On we go. It all started Wednesday evening around 5:30pm. Crazy Aunt Becka and Uncle Joel pull into our driveway. It was already looking like trouble was on the horizon. It only managed to get worse when Papa, Granny, and Uncle Hyrum showed up at our doorstep around 8:00pm that same night.

See how they try to appear as innocent bystanders?

But on one of our hidden spy cameras, we managed to capture the truth. Torture was strong and sure.

Little did these poor, cute, innocent little souls know what was in store for them come morning.

The morning dawned fresh and clear. Chips were attacked and hot chocolate was being called for from the four corners of the kitchen.

Some in the party felt the need for extra beauty sleep. It's truly amazing what it can do for one's self-esteem.

See what I mean?

Princess Alayna was adored and pampered. Even at the expense of precious beautification time that crazy Becka was seeking.

Jacob, however, managed to look all slick and clean. Well, maybe because he had to have a bath... for reasons I'm sure you would rather not hear about. But he was guarding the hot chocolate with great vigilance.

See what I mean? Once again appearing as an innocent bystander when only moments before...

...let's see, time stamp on these next couple pictures are what, about 8:34 am?

Oh well, I suppose I can forgive them or eating pie for breakfast. After all, I think pumpkin pie is nasty and they didn't bother the cheesecake. So I'm good.

This next one goes without saying. She's awfully good at impressions. But for those of you not privy to the fashions of the west, Utah is notoriously known for girls with extra poofy hair. I'm sure they go through more hairspray than any other state in the country.

I suppose I should be grateful that my mother is picture happy or I wouldn't have any from Thanksgiving. But this one, well... probably could have gone without being taken. But I guess I'll allow you to be privy to the monstrosity of the mornings.

See now why daily showering and primping is necessary ? Otherwise people who don't share the protective powers of family genetics or imposed marital blindness would turn into stone. Feel grateful that you are behind the safety of a computer screen.

In the meantime stay tuned for the next episode of Too Much Turkey!

Should I mention that this is my 400th blog post?

1 super cool people speak:

Heidi said...

Don't you love marking ___-hundredth blog posts? I know I do!

Blue lips probably came from forgetting to breathe. But it still all looked quite fun!

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