December 21, 2009

It is SO Monday. Can you feel it?

Luke and I have been up most of the night the last couple of nights with multiple children who have... sore bottoms due to... well, it doesn't matter. Let's just say we've been doing lots of laundry and giving lots of midnight baths. But dragging your half-dead self out of bed multiple times can be a challenge, to put it in the nicest terms possible.

Then, there was a newborn at church yesterday. Oh, so cute! And I wanted one. I love newborns and all their tiny cuteness. Perhaps because mine have all been pretty easy. And they don't know how to talk back yet. But the newborn phase passes so fast. So, I want one. I don't want to be pregnant mind you, I just want the stork to make a quick stop by my house. Which doesn't make any sense, since I was just saying how rough going it can be to get up multiple times at night.

I know, I know. The stork doesn't exist. Even though I voted for one. But no one listened to me.

And don't worry, I don't make any sense to Luke either.

So I had to hurry and gobble up some of the baby cuteness going on around here.

Alayna gets her thighs from me. Not that you wanted to know that. But truth can be painful like that sometimes.

Okay, seriously? They just don't come any cuter.

And yes, I have been bitten by those cute and very sharp teeth. I think I should invent a tooth file for babies. I'm sure all the nursing mothers out there would love me!

You know, sometimes I am amazed at my children. They think they have it so hard. I guess it must be true. Hard evidence is tough to beat in court.

Okay Maria, this next one's for you. Remember that awesome box of clothes you sent me? And the overalls that were on the very bottom? Well, don't you worry. They were put to good use. I couldn't get them to take them off all day. It was better than Christmas!

Farmer Joe.
 (Okay, so I called him Joe just for this picture. But don't any of you ever, EVER call him Joe or you'll end up on my black list. His name is Joseph. Not Joe.)

I can't help it. I have an overwhelming desire to pinch and kiss those cheeks! You feel the pull too, don't you? Its okay. It's completely natural and will probably pass once you have to change her diaper.

Lovin' me some of that cracker eating cuteness!

I even have a game for you guys to play this morning!
I know! This is just the best blog EVER! Aren't you glad you stopped by this morning?

Okay. Here we go. What in this picture doesn't belong?

And what in this picture doesn't belong?

I would be happy to send you the answers if you can't figure it out.

Well, it is Christmas this week and by the end of it, I'll have 14 people staying in my one-couch, unfinished basement house. HOORAY! Well, except for the one-couch part.

But I need to finish making the kids presents, run several errands, ideally finish four drawings, go grocery shopping, clean the house by Wednesday... you know what? Let's just pretend its not Monday and go back and look at all the cute pictures.

5 super cool people speak:

Heidi said...

Sorry your Monday isn't happier. Great attitude, though! 1. Is there a child under that blanket? 2. My Mom is the same way about the Joseph in my family. OK. She's that way about ALL the boys in my family--and their wives learned very quickly on that. I always love your posts and pictures. Such a day brightener.

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

No, there's not a kid under the blanket. I just walked into our bedroom to find the pot lids then went back to the kitchen to find a comforter on the floor. I thought it was so funny.
Hahaha. I can't help it. I named him Joseph, not Joe. (shudder).

Valerie said...

Lots of cute pics! Hope you get everything done on time. Merry Christmas!!!!!

Mama Smith said...

TOMORROW...I will get to personally "pinch" those darling little cheeks!!! and hug up all those other darling little ones...I can HARDLY WAIT!!!!! (smile)

Anonymous said...

I love the way your daughter (the youngest) always has a little drool on her chest...SO CUTE

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