December 2, 2008

No Title is Worthy of This Post

Okay, I have a blog worthy story for you today. Let's briefly introduce the main characters, besides myself of course.
The Culprit

The Victim
(Note: this story is not about the scratch on Jacob's face. That was self-inflicted during a tantrum where he face planted it into a basket)

The Partner in Crime

It all starts with Joseph making a very simple announcement, he needs to go potty. Fine, he's finally getting it down and can go by himself sometimes. So, off he heads to the bathroom. A moment later, Jacob follows Joseph in and I follow Jacob.
Now, I'm sure all of you have seen someone slip on a patch of ice or something like unto it. Well, picture Jacob hitting a giant puddle of liquid, which quickly indicated that Joseph never made it to the toilet, and making quite a splash. Needless to say, the both ended up in the bathtub.
After cleaning up the homemade splash pool, I leave the boys to play in the water for a bit. Not too long after, I here what sounded like water splashing hard onto the floor. I race to the bathroom and sure enough, there is Joseph, scooping up water into a toy pitcher and throwing it across the bathroom floor and into the hallway.
We will just skim over my reaction and look at cute pictures of my kids...

Okay, so, in the blink of an eye, the boys are transferred out of the bathtub and into the living room where I race back to the bathroom and start mopping up the river before it starts carrying household belongings downstream.
Once that feat is accomplished, I go back out to the living room to get them ready for bed and what do I see? Joseph, crouched down, examining his freshly made puddle and admiring the contrast between the wet and dry carpet.
Again, let's skim over my reaction and look at cute pictures...

I have sometimes wondered why kids, even though they are in trouble, and they know it, still laugh at what is going on. Its as though they are quite proud of their messes and the reaction it causes. I am convinced that they do it just to see how many colors of the rainbow they can make appear on mommy's face.
Remind me of this when I get ready to potty train Jacob and why I should keep him in diapers till he's five.

4 super cool people speak:

Mama Smith said... goodness...I SO REMEMBER those days...and thought it was the worse part of "training up" a child...NOPE, I was DEAD WRONG...Wait till you start teaching your "teenager" how to DRIVE...and head out on MAIN ROADS...I didn't turn WHITE-HAIRED till...each of you started learning HOW TO DRIVE!!!!(smile)

Heidi said...

Two words: Oh my.

Brittney said...

eeks.. I think there is not a good title or a good comment to sufficiently address the crimes committed!

E said...

I love readign your makes me feel so much more human and less guilty...this comes from someone who knows EXACTLY how you feel:)

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