December 24, 2008

'Twas The Day Before Christmas

'Twas the day before Christmas, when all through the apartment

Us kids were screaming in this tiny compartment;

The stockings were hung off the counter with hooks,

And mom kept us out of them by giving us looks;

We were all fighting and crying real sad,

Since cabin fever set in it has been really bad;

With mom in her sweats and me not quite dressed,

She had just finished cleaning and seemed a bit stressed,

When out from the kitchen there arose such a clatter,

Mom sprang from the room to see what was the matter.

Away to the kitchen she flew like a flash,

Since she suddenly stopped we had quite the crash.

The boys on the table

The cereal on the floor,

It was instantly obvious their lives were no more.

After cleaning that up she turned round about,

To find us all throwing the toys with a shout.

We were having a ball making that fuss,

But mom didn't quite see what was so appealing to us,

And now like monkeys we jump from the couch;

That until one of us let out a great big, loud, "ouch"!

From there the fighting began to erupt,

Till mom came to have us explain what was up.

Oops, there goes the clothes, and he made a stink!

I need to go potty and I want a drink!

The competition for mom can be quite intense,

The job for her can be quite immense.

With piles of cold snow and 30 mph wind,

The chance of us playing outside was, well slim.

So with our faces pressed onto the glass,

We watch as the snow plow does its best with the mass.

Our neighbor uses a shovel to clear off her car,

It really is enough to leave a mental scar;

Back inside the apartment little minds are working,

As we experiment with water, bowls, and carpet without shirking.

Then comes the cracker crumbs we sprinkled with care,

All over the couch, the floor, and dad's chair!

Then came the pizza, which the boys had decided,

Would look best on the floor where the juice now resided.

Along with the toys mom had just put away,

We decided the crayons looked best in array.

Soon the wrestling began over which paper is who's,

Then out came the fashion show involving mom's shoes.

Perhaps mom had every right to be jolted,

We knew we were in trouble an quickly we bolted.

I wonder why mom locks herself in her room,

Is it a sure sign of impending doom?

Oh my what a day, I really should be resting,

But decided mom still needed a little bit of testing.

So I'm playing in bed making plenty of fuss,

And getting ready to hide in case mom checks on us.

Well, it time for my dreams to take flight,

"Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night."

5 super cool people speak:

Kira said...


Merry Christmas.

Heidi said...

Ah yes--Peace on Earth.

Brittney said...

haha.. Merry Christmas to you too!!! :)

Mama Smith said...

Just got a chance to see your blog...I can see...that some things...never change on Christmas EVE - where little ones are involved...(smile)

Garvin Smith said...

And you are so talented!

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