December 7, 2008

More Than You Care To Know

It was quite the weekend. I'll condense it as best I can.

Friday afternoon, Grandma and Grandpa Heiner pick up the kids so Luke and I can drive four hours down to Provo. After a quick stop off at BYU campus we head over to Center Street to the Covey Center for the Arts to see the Season of Joy art show. Why? Because I had some of my handmade books in the show. It was a lot of fun.
Of course, I completely forgot to take my camera in with me so I have no pictures. I will try to get my hands on the ones that were taken by other people.

And can I just randomly and of course, veering off topic, add that its amazing how much you can talk about with someone when your backside isn't constantly facing the forward direction in the car? I didn't have to catch throw-up, pick up dropped sippy cups, food, books or toys, or help someone convert a diaper into a portable toilet! I was able to observe the view the whole way down with my eyes! Seriously, since it was my face in the windshield and not my buns, no one honked, or swerved. No one flashed their lights or looked completely horrified. It was amazing!

Anyway, moving on. My crazy sister Becka met up with us at the show, then we went out to eat with her and her friend Alisha, since Becka wanted Luke to meet her boyfriend Joel who works at a restaurant. Hmm, did you fallow that?
After that we hopped back in the car and drove 2.5 hours to my brother-in-laws house and stayed the night there. Saturday morning, we woke up, did a little last minute shopping, then drove another 2 hours to my in-laws place where we all gathered at the church for the annual Heiner Family Christmas Party. Get ready for more pictures than you probably care to see.

Lunch time at the kiddy table.

After lunch, we decorated gingerbread houses.

Jacob didn't really care to take the time to decorate his.

This was an intense job! Everything had to be done to Savannah's satisfaction.

Joseph probably ate more then ended up on his house.

Jacob, still working on the complete demolition of his house.

Joseph kept trying to squeeze more icing onto his house and his plate.

Savannah and her cousin Cambry. I had to make their houses identical, nothing else would satisfy.

Joseph, still going. I caught him several times scooping up handfuls of candy out of the bowls and shoving it into his mouth. Ugh, even for a sugar-holic, thinking about it makes me slightly nauseous. I finally had to move him away from the candy by moving his house to another table... where he promptly sat down and devoured the whole thing.

Luke and I working on our house. Only he knows why he is making such a face at the camera.

Apparently, eating a gingerbread house is hard work!

After dinner, we did a little nativity. The kids of course had loads of fun dressing up. The nativity itself was short and sweet. Well, mostly because all the kids wanted to ride the camel (aka Aunt Jolynn). But it was still fun.

Joseph was ABSOLUTELY DEVASTATED that he wasn't allowed to play Mary. So, at first he settled for a flying shepherd. But that didn't satisfy him very long.

Savannah as her own unique version of the Angel.

Jacob was a sheep... for about 5 minutes. Then he wanted nothing to do with the costumes.

Getting ready.

Right in the middle of the show.

As mentioned before, Joseph went through about eight different outfits before he finally settled on being... a pirate! That's right, who knew there were pirates hanging out with the wise men? If you look closely, you can see his patch. (he's in the red shirt)

Hold on now, I'm still not done.
It has become a tradition to have Santa pay a visit. Luke's brother-in-law's father is a "professional Santa".
This year, Joseph was completely out of control. He pretty much elbowed his way to the front of the line to be the first on Santa's lap. Santa gave him a candy cane. After that, none of his cousins stood a chance. After inhaling his candy, he kept trying to get back to Santa for more candy. He was not happy with everyone pulling him back all the time.

Savannah of course loved it!

Jacob, well, not so much. But that didn't stop him from inhaling his candy cane either.

We all took family pictures. This was the best of the bunch. Still, I think its completely unfair to ask for a family photo when I only have 6 weeks of pregnancy left. Not my finest moment. But still, I think its a cute picture.

In closing, I would like to share with you the after effects of what little sleep and gallons of sugar have on small children. Let's see, how can I put this in a positive and uplifting way....
How about, it makes Armageddon look like a light spring shower?
No no, let's try, since everyone still lives, my spot in heaven is assured?
Nah, still not quite it.
How about, anyone at church who didn't know us before, knows us now!
Hmm, I think we're getting closer.
Any noise softer than a train whistle blowing right in your ear will be nothing more than a mere Christmas bell jingle.
Eh, that's not bad. At any rate, I think my kids are going to go through some serious detox this week. Wish me luck!

4 super cool people speak:

Charlynn said...

LOL. The gingerbread story sounds very familiar. When Benjamin made gingerbread houses with his Grandma and cousins he spent more time dipping his fingers and cookies in the frosting and eating than he did building. Fun times!

Mama Smith said...

What a GREAT event for your children!!! have got to LOVE IT!!!! LOVED seeing ALL the I can enjoy seeing the action...(smile) ENJOY the SUGAR-DETOX...Now, you know why...I handled all the HALLOWEEN CANDY the way I did...(smile) "7" little kids (Hyrum wasn't born, yet) on SUGAR HIGHS is NOT a PRETTY PICTURE!!!! (smile)

Brittney said...

I loved reading how Joseph was so devastated that he couldn't be Mary :)

Sarah said...

You got some cute nativity pictures, and that family picture is very nice!

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