December 29, 2008

Nesting... What Am I, A Bird?

Anyone who has had a baby knows exactly what I'm talking about. Its that weird and uncontrollable urge to prepare for the baby. 
I have pulled out all of Savannah's old baby clothes, soaked and washed them through 6-9 months, I am re-organizing the closets, I have purged the kids toys and their clothes. I have a desire to re-organize the kitchen, which I will get to after I'm done with the closets. 
Part of it stems from necessity, trying to fit another kid in this apartment will be a bit tricky. And part of it stems from this strange "nesting" urge. Who came up with all this bird terminology anyway! Its not like birds have a baby lounging in their insides for nine months!
Still, with all the broken dressers we've been given by people since we've moved here, it just might work out.
I did run into one small problem while I was going through all of Savannah's old clothes. Here I was thinking I was good to go but as I was looking at what I had I realized that the seasons are off. Savannah was born in the summer, so most of her 0-3 and 3-6 month size clothes are summer clothes. Oh they are so dang cute! But definitely not winter worthy. And most of her 6-9 month clothes are for cooler weather which is when this baby will be in need of summer clothes! Go figure.
Do you think they coordinate all this up there in heaven. Seriously, I bet they had a conversation like this, "Well, I don't want to wear all your hand-me-downs! I want my OWN clothes! So, you make sure you go down when its warm, and I'll go down when its cold. That way way we don't have to share! Besides, you're the one who likes pink, not me!" 
(sigh) Girls, what can you do with them? 

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Heidi said...

Are you going to put some kids in the broken dressers? That's where my parents put my oldest brothers. "Make it do or do without" I suppose--which doesn't look like it will work with your girl baby clothes. If only you weren't in Idaho....

E said...

Eliza was such a shrimp that even though she was born in the summer the 0-3 month stuff, she was still wearing this stuff in the winter. i solved the problem wit long sleeve white onesies under the short sleeve stuff..thankfully both of my boys were born in march--they made things easy

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Heidi - LOL, no we won't be using the drawers for a bed... this time. We have a pack-n-play that we can use.
And yes, Florida would be a bit more ideal than Idaho. =)

E - My kids tend to be chunkers their first year! They outgrow clothes faster than I care to think about!
But I like the idea of getting a couple long sleeve onesies to put under everything. I'll have to see if I can find some pants too.

Mama Smith said...

Must be true...There were "4" of you girls in this family...and NONE of you really had the same TASTE in clothes...and if you didn't wear the same SIZES!!! As to SEASONS...YOU were my SUMMER baby...REBEKAH...JANUARY (WINTER Florida is it ever WINTER - but,then she was born in UTAH) JENNY in APRIL...ANGEL in MARCH...(but Jenny and Angel were 6 years apart and built totally different...) Yes...YOU girls must have PLANNED this all out...BEFORE you were SENT...just to make things interesting for your dad and I...) (smile)

kbandkids said...

Hey Serene-
Cleaning out things is a great idea.
I'm betting I have a few(or alot) of little girl things you could use.I'll get them out and send them with savanah's bucket Kerry forgot to bring.

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