December 1, 2008

Its Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Well, we finally did it. We set up the Christmas tree yesterday. The kids became quite excited and were pretty much bouncing off the walls for a while out of sheer excitement. Daddy finally had to intervene. His handiwork is shown below.

Yes, the totally awesome armbands are Christmas flower, snowmen, thingies that I had bought at a Farmers Market a couple years ago for the kids. I don't think this is the intended use, but the boys sure thought it was cool.

Okay, seriously, this is my FAVORITE picture. Well, besides Savannah's completely awesome decorating skills of clustering the only blue balls I have all in one spot, check out the black bump on the side of the picture!! Isn't that perfect? I didn't crop anything off that side either. Luke just happen to magically capture just my belly. I think its hilarious.

Okay, here's a bit more of the over-stuffed me. Savannah was the only one who stuck out the entire decorating process. Must be a girl thing.

Its not too often we get such an innocent snapshot of Joseph. This ones a keeper for sure!
I'm sure people wonder why my boys are always running around without shirts on. Well, what can I say? Its just easier to clean up that way!

And finally, Savannah setting up the little nativity.

I think I was pretty brave to decide to decorate the entire tree instead of just the top half. Jacob did manage to break one of the blue glass balls so the rest live on the top half of the tree. Yes indeed, all four of them.
I only have to get on the boys about three or four times every hour to leave the tree alone so, I think they are doing rather well! The decorations might, just might survive this holiday season!

4 super cool people speak:

Kim said...

Those are the CUTEST and SWEETEST pictures of your family, Sarah! This is by far my most favorite time of the year! Your tree looks BEAUTIFUL (love the color scheme), and I also really enjoyed your Thanksgiving post. Hope all goes well for you this holiday season.
And you look GREAT, by the way!

Katherine said...

The snowflakes are beautiful. You look great!

Mama Smith said...

LOVE IT, Sarah!!! I wish...we could be closer to share this beautiful holiday!!!!

E said...

I understand no shirts...I have a one outfit a day rule-you ruin that one, you don't get a clean one because I hate doign laundry! So a lot of time, my boys are naked..I am sucha mean mom.

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