December 4, 2008

A Few Random Things

I'm going to do a hodge podge post of a few random things.

First on the list, websites!
I added a couple new sites to my "Awesome Sites" list. If you are looking for fun and unique gifts, these are the perfect sites to check out. It looks like they spotlight small businesses, many which are run by moms.
What can I say? As much as I'm all about the prices at Walmart, I like rooting for the little people!

I would make some clever pun about how I am a little person, in the sense of making money off of a hobby, but I would have to be sent to jail for purgery for using the word "little" in regard to anything about me at this moment.
I think the baby is going to poke out my belly button any minute now.


Second thing, my doctor's appointment.
It went totally fine yesterday, quite unfantastic. Sometimes I wonder about these doctors check-ups. Do I really need to go to ALL of them?
Lets see, baby pummeling your insides in an effort to make grape juice? Check.
Step on the scale, it screams and withers in pain due to that last bag of chocolate you ate? Check.
Can't see your toes anymore and if you bend over more than two inches the all that weight in front will drag you over till you end up on your head? Check.
Kids are using your belly as a pillow or a table to hold their things? Check.
Ribs and bladder are being pushed and bent in directions that just should not be allowed. Check.
Come on, those things were strategically placed there for a reason! How are they suppose to preform their proper functions if they aren't in the right place or shape?
Okay, enough of that, moving on.


Third thing, Superman.
I'm not quite sure where this sudden and newest faddish has leaped from, but Joseph is suddenly and alarmingly getting into Superman.
Hmmm.. I better check with his uncle to see if he's been sending hidden messages behind my back.


Last, but of course not least since its all about me, I've been tagged! (yes, that was indeed a joke)
(Sorry it has taken me so stinking long to write these Claudia)

6 Unspectacular Quirks

1. When I get tired or really nervous, I tend to use just the right side of my face. I smile crooked and talk crooked. I mean physically of course.

2. I have to sleep with something on top of me at all times, no matter how hot it is. If its really hot, I will have a sheet laying over my middle while my arms and feet stick out.

3. My in-laws think its creepy, my family thinks its funny, I think it is terribly convenient. When you have long toes like I do, why would you bother to bend over and pick something up when your toes are quite capable of bringing it to you?

4. Whenever I go on a long car ride, longer than 5 minutes, I always sit cross-legged. You know, Indian style. It is so much more comfortable. Of course I'm not the one driving!

5. I like hot corn on cold cottage cheese. I like a little ice cream with my chocolate syrup. I like salad with lots of cheese and no dressing. And if I must eat a hot dog, it better have a bun and lots of ketchup.

6. I am totally and completely incapable of sucking on hard candy. It might last about 15 seconds but in the end, that poor little things gets crunched to pieces.

5 super cool people speak:

Heidi said...

I think they are fun quirks. And I totally understand the convenient toe-picking up thing. I do it, too. Mom found it very helpful when I was little and ALWAYS dropped the hairbrush and neither of us could bend down to get it. I'll have to try the corn and cottage cheese--sounds really good! And I love Superman flying!

Mama Smith said...

Since when does picking things up with your toes considered weird or creepy??? I thought that was simply a VERY NORMAL thing MOTHERS learned to do...while balancing cooking, holding a child on one hip, or a number of other mulitple tasks...Seems perfectly SENSIBLE to ME...that if you have toes available to do things while your hands and hips are already in all means...efficiency is the end game...

GordoSafado said...

Sounds to me like you women need something productive to wash the clothes or do the dishes or something...I this all women do during the day?? Write on their blogs about what wierd things their body does or what kind of foods they like to eat.....?
;) Ah yes...then I am reminded as to why I am not married :D

Serene Designs said...

Better watch out little bro. All the women who read this blog just might come after you and give you a beat down!! =)

Sara Lyn said...

I didn't realize we were so alike. Except for your first quirk, I am pretty much the same. :) Guess that's what we get for hanging out all those years.

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