December 14, 2008

Okay, Take The Baby Out!

I'm sitting at the kitchen table eating (as usual) when Savannah and Joseph enter the living room. From the bulge in their shirts I guessed they were pretending to be pregnant.
Sure enough, the following scene takes place.

Savannah in a very calm and sweet voice says, "Oh Joseph, we must go to the hospital now."
Joseph, also with a bulging baby belly affirms, "Yup!"
Savannah, oh so gracefully lays down on the couch and says to Joseph, "Okay, take the baby out!" 
Joseph then proceeds to shove his hand into her shirt and remove a small stuffed animal. After he hands it to her she exclaims, "Oh, how cute!" "Okay, now the next one!"
Again Joseph removes yet another stuffed animal from her shirt. Again she exclaims, "Oh, how cute!"
This process is repeated until a grand total of five "babies" lay in her arms. She then pops up and says, "I think I should take my babies home from the hospital now." 
She and Joseph exit the living room.

It was so funny. 
I sat there and sighed... if only it were that easy. I think I'll read this to Savannah while she's having her first baby. Hehehe!

And just for kicks, here is a totally awesome picture of Jacob, fresh up from a nap. I think we look a lot alike! Especially when we first wake up!  =)


4 super cool people speak:

Mama Smith said...

PRICELESS...too bad you didn't VIEDO TAPE the incident...!!!! (smile)

Brittney said...

haha.. love the baby story. Jacob looks adorable.

Chelsea said...

That is such a cute story - kids have the most vivid imaginations! You can tell she wants to be a mommy just like you!

Kelly said...

So cute! Hahahahaa It's so funny how thrilled they are to play being pregnant!haha

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