November 21, 2008

The Shoe Story

I love organization. I like everything to have a place. If you saw my apartment at this moment you would call me a lying, delusional fool. But I tell myself its true.
But I'm not obsessive compulsive, at least, I think I'm not. But I do have one pet peeve, stuff without a place. In my world, loose clutter must have some method of containment so I can hide it from view. Just like I can't stand appliances sitting on my counter top, loose clutter must have a spot.
So, when it come to the kids shoes, they need to be put somewhere. I know what you're thinking, well, you just keep them in the closet right? Uh, sorry, wrong. Their closet contains all their toys and so I'm afraid there is no room for shoes. Even if there were, I would want them all lined up in a nice neat row. Like that's going to happen! So, I use to keep them in here... till the kids broke it from shoving shoes in there then yanking it back open.

Well, it was clear that it was time to find a new source of containment. It was a blessed day indeed when I found this amazingly perfect basket at a garage sale for a whole $2!! It was perfect! I put it right by the kids bedroom door. They know where it is and it doesn't require any organization on anybodys part! Perfect right!

If you said "right"! I would say to you, Oh you are so wrong! You think its easy? Well, so do I! But I'm here to tell you its not! For example, I searched high and low for Savannah's church shoe. I looked forever Saturday night, then again Sunday morning! It was no where to be found! Sunday night, as I was getting Jacob's bed ready, I finally found that shiny black piece of frustration.

I was trying to get out the door, but as usual, I couldn't find shoes. I searched high and low, in and out! Nothing. When I finally picked the kids pajamas off the floor that had been sitting by the couch all morning, guess what I found?

And I know I checked under the couch, at least twice!
I think I should invent a shoe detector. They could be implanted into the sole of the shoe and all you would need to do is push a little button and it would lead you right to that sneaky little piece of footwear.

You'd think a basket would be easy enough for all involved, but apparently, there are much better places to stash your shoes.

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Heidi said...

Ha ha. Those are great places for shoes! I really don't know what my parents did when we were little. But I was about 9 or 10 when Dad bought the big box shelves and had us start using "The Shoe Thing." Much easier to get the older kids to put shoes away. Good luck while they're young, and Happy Hunting!

Michelle said...

Sounds like our house every day too! I'm hoping to find a good deal on the over the door shoe hangers to see if that might work on the outside of the kid's closet. If not, I guess I'll have more places to organize little craft stuff, and we'll keep searching for shoes. :O) I feel your pain!

Garvin Smith said...

Hah, Ha!
Funny story!

Mama Smith said...

Did you ever wonder WHY most of you went to church in SOCKS? Now, you know...If the shoes did NOT appear in time to leave for went in SOCKS...and if they didn't be it!!! Less frustration...and I was more relaxed for church...(smile)I figure it was better that we showed up in TIME...than being "fashionable"...(smile)

Nicole said...

Haha. Good pics. And I completely feel the same way about organization! Everything needs a place and it needs to stay there! End of story.

Kira said...

How Fabulous. Truth (and shoes) are everywhere. Your house or mine... I know it's here somewhere.

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