November 19, 2008

Does It Mean You're a Good Mom When?

- The kids were playing outside on the patio when Savannah hears some kids yelling at each other. Suddenly she comes running inside with a horrified look on her face as she frantically exclaims, "Mom! Those kids said 'shut-up'! That's not a nice word!" As she sprints back out I see Joseph standing by the bars pointing and yelling at the kids, "Naughty! Naughty!"

- Your kids get mad at you for kissing the wrong part of the boo boo.

- True to our usual house conditions, the kids had pulled all the cushions off the couch. Savannah was trying to roll off of one and managed to do a perfect somersault. Completely and utterly excited she yells, "Look mom! I did a flip-off!" I guess I should be proud that she lacks knowledge of the true meaning to the phrase "flip-off".

- You hear your two-year-old talking about telescopes.

- What about when, one night, all the kids are crying because no one wants to say the prayer and then the next night, they are all crying because they are fighting over who gets to say the prayer?

- When your four-year-old daughter tells a complete stranger, who just got on her bike, that she needs to get off because its Sunday, and Sunday is a special day. The poor girl didn't quite know what to make of Savannah.

- Your daughter stares at herself in the mirror while saying, "I'm so beautiful!" Followed by your son coming up next to her and saying in a growling voice, "I'm a handsome boy!"

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Heidi said...

Hmm...I think that means you're a fantastic mom with great kids!

Mama Smith said...

Was I a good mom when....I hear 3 yr. old Sarah CRYING...telling me that 4 year old Jenny just hit her...When I asked Jenny why she hit you...she replied "Do unto others as they do unto you..." Hmmm...I think I needed to have taught gospel principles a litte better...(smile) However, it did tell me..WHO STARTED the PROBLEM!!! (smile)

Brittney said...

hahahahahha.. I loved those stories!! My favorites: the Sunday is a special day one and the mirror one. I think the mirror one I can totally picture. You are a great mom.

Michael & Charlynn's Family said...

That is darling! You're kids are so smart and cute.

I love it when my children reflect the good things I am trying to teach them back to me. It definitely feels like I am being a good mom. :D

The Grand High Budge Mom said...

Yup. I'd say it means you're a good mom ;) I LOVE reading about your life/kids/family--seriously, keep up the awesome posts!

Jenny said...

They are always publishing books on what red-necks say and "you know you're in the 80's when" etc; you should publish a book like that about mom's.

Sarah said...

lol at the mirror one - that's too cute.

Hannah would certainly know how to respond to the "Sunday" comment - "That's not how our family is." is what I've heard her say to many cousins.

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