November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving? Or Monster Mash?

Try as we might, we never seem to know exactly how our holiday plans will turn out. Trips to Florida are always spur of the moment since they are based on plane ticket prices or how poor we are feeling. Sometimes our stay at the in-laws depends on what we've got going on, or how well the kids are doing. Goodness, isn't there suppose to be some sort of planning involved in "plans"?
Well, this Thanksgiving we ended up at the in-laws, and when I say the in-laws I mean my in-laws. The kids had fun terrorizing Grandma and Grandpa and playing with their cousins. It was definitely more like a monster mash.
I didn't take many pictures of the festivities, just some of my own monsters in true character.

Savannah, feeling very victimized and wronged over... something, but I don't remember what.

Joseph, pretending to be totally oblivious and innocent of whatever crime was just committed.

Jacob, probably upset because the red sea didn't part for him.

Still, he sure does know how to be cute and cuddly. He's sleeping.

Jacob can finally get his revenge on his unaware older brother for all the crimes committed against him! Nothing like the ole' chapstick in the hair prank!

Definitely happy to be with her cousins.

Taking a break from all the long, hard, grueling playing! Oh the torture!

What do you think? Is Joseph sleeping on a fluffy white pillow? Or a stale marshmallow?

I'm going with the stale marshmallow. And yes, that is indeed my belly.

Savannah is finally applying all that engineering mumbo-jumbo daddy is always spouting at her. She's so much smarter than I am. At least she seems to be able to make some sense of what he's saying!

You gotta ask yourself, do I feel lucky?

Oh ya, definitely lucky! Lucky enough to look upon my ultimate cuteness!

Savannah, feeling all important while she drills and tests her cousin on the types of food being eaten in "The Hungry Caterpillar".

So, I'm curious, who went shopping at some insanely early hour on black Friday? No, I didn't, but I still want to know if you did.

6 super cool people speak:

Romulo & Lydia said...

Serene, you make me laugh. Give us some more belly pictures. I think pregnant woman are beautiful. And everyone would agree you are beautiful pregnant. Plus you bounce back so quick after every baby. Give me the secret please...and no I'm not expecting. We miss you guys.

Katherine said...

7:00am. Not too crazy. Joann's, Bath and Body Works, and Kohls.

Serene Designs said...

LOL, I read on your blog all the stuff you got! Luke would have shot himself if he had to stand in line that long just to check out!

Spence & Melynn said...

Hey! Congrats on having another little one. How fun is that!

Glad you had a good Thanksgiving.

Mama Smith said...

You weren't here...and neither was I decided it would not have been any it was last, I stayed in the camp....(smile)

Kelly said...

I have to say the picture of Jacob putting chapstick in Joseph's hair is hilarious!! Your kids are so cute and Savannah is looking so big!!

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