November 5, 2008

Big News!

I have the most exciting news ever!! I had my 28 week check-up today, the glucose test visit. You know, I always liked the stuff, tastes just like Sprite!
Anyway, one of the nurse practitioners came in and gave me a long lecture on contractions, blood clots, postpartum, etc. It was like a mini prenatal class. But, the way she kept referring to my due date made me curious. I asked her when she had my due date down as and she said January 24th! Six whole days earlier that my original due date! Apparently the had changed it when they did my ultrasound but never told me. I am SO excited! Hey, six days, is a BIG deal, trust me! Seriously, the news just made my whole month!
Now for the funny part, she was looking over the info she had on me and she says, "So, this is your fourth pregnancy. Let's see, your oldest must be... wait, don't tell me, I want to guess." She then closes her eyes and after a moment, peeks out at me and says, "please don't tell me five."
Well, what was there to do other than tell her the truth. I said, "Oh don't be ridiculous! My oldest is only four." LOL, okay, I didn't say it in those exact words, but when I told her Savannah was only four her eyes about popped out of her skull. She clearly thought I was insane. Actually, I was surprised that she was so surprised. She said she had been doing this business for 24 years. And I know quite a few people who have more unique timing jobs with their children than myself, so I would have guessed in those 24 years she would have seen quite a few cases as well. Hmm, apparently not. Well, I'm glad I could brighten her day.
As I was getting up onto the little bed, table thing so she could check the baby's heartbeat, she says, "So, we do know where babies come from right?" Oh geez, how many times have I heard that one! One of these days I'm just going to say, (suggestion of my husband bytheway) "No, I don't! These babies just keep popping up out of nowhere!" LOL, oh well, what can you do?
Anyway, after listening to the heartbeat, she measures me. She gets a puzzled look on her face, feels around the top of my hump and measures me again. Still not satisfied she pushes around on my stomach again, then measures yet again! Then she finally tells me the source of her puzzlement. "Well, you should be measuring 28 cm, but you are measuring 30 cm. I guess its okay, we want you to be in the range of plus or minus 2 cm. But, we'll have to keep an eye on that. This one might be a huge baby!"
Well, at this point I sort of just rolled my eyes. I measured large with Savannah and she came out at a whopping normal 7 lb 14 oz.
Gotta love the doctor's office.

6 super cool people speak:

Brittney said...

oh man... is it supposed to be like a joke when they ask if you know how babies are made? Or do you think they're half serious?

Serene Designs said...

She actually stopped what she was doing, looked at me and waited for an answer. I'm pretty sure she was at least half-way serious.

Mama Smith said...

Hey...nice NEW BLOG look...(smile) It is nice to see one of my daughters following in my footsteps...(smile) I can't tell you how many times...people would ask me "if I knew how babies were created..." I would always say..." is sure fun!" I don't know...if I ever said...after that..."Hey, you ought to try it sometime!" (smile)
Hmmm...does that mean I will be heading for Idaho...EARLIER??? (smile)

Caleb said...

Haha, this one will decide to be stubborn and come 10-14 days late. :D

Heidi said...

Oh, I thought you were going to say your dream came true and you are having twins.

Serene Designs said...

Oh man, nope, no twins!
And this baby most certainly will NOT come late!!
I've already had this discussion with her. She will come one week early. =)

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