November 17, 2008

Recap of the Week

I know, I've been slacking on the blog. But hey, between potty training, making books for an art show, being pregnant, cleaning up from potty training, cooking, cleaning up from cooking, cleaning up from eating, cleaning up from living... oh sorry, enough of the cleaning.

Anyway, here's just an ever so brief recap of the past week.

The kids were acting kind of bored, so I helped them build this little fort. After they were happily playing with it, I left them to go get a couple other things done.

Suddenly, Savannah cries out, "Oh no! My fortune!" At first I thought that was part of the game, but when tears started to flow, I knew something was wrong.

As it turns out, Jacob had destroyed their fort. But Savannah and Joseph were bemoaning their "fortune". Which apparently is code for "fort".

Playing "doggy" or "kitty". But I guess its much more fun to play in heels...

...especially if you're the dog catcher!

Daddy is certainly a novelty around here. The poor guy can't get a moments peace! Of course, I have no sympathy for him! =)

Hmmm, he definitely has some Smith blood in him. And no, I don't mean he got that from me! *couABEgh*

And here's the doggy and kitty again. Only this time, the doggy comes complete with a hoodie and a tie!

My three little monkeys.

I would like to state for the record that he did not get the idea to lounge in his underwear with heels on from me!

And last, but certainly not least, Jacob found one of Savannah's markers!

Okay, one last quick story to give everyone a laugh at my expense. Well, at least Hubby thinks its funny.

No, no--he thinks its hilarious.

So, this whole potty training thing, let's just say, its not going as well as I had hoped. But I'll spare you the details.

Anyway, on one of the rare occasions Joseph actually informed me that he needed to go, before he already went, I had placed him on the toilet and was moving in to help him position everything so he wouldn't miss or make a mess. At that moment, he let loose and as it hit the toilet, it managed to splash right back into my face!

Words cannot describe that horror, and the nastiness of the situation.

 And yes, Hubby laughed his head off when I told him.

I think I'll leave Jacob in diapers till he's five!

7 super cool people speak:

Mama Smith said...

Memories....and laugher....does make up a "family"....even if it is at your own expense...(smile) I remember all of you at one time made FORTS...I use to make them, also, growing up!!! There was something about..."your own little space"...Some of my fondest memories growing up...

Brittney said...

hahaha.. i laughed at the idea of them getting the example of lounging in underwear and heels from you.

The potty training story..ugh.. horrifying!

Emily C said...

Serene, your kids are so adorable.

Garvin Smith said...

Would to God that all children had a mother like you!

hjsmith said...

Oh it is so fun reading your daily weekly events. Thank you for the laughs and memories of my own experiences. Even when you think they are potty trained they will still surprise you...puddles here and there or just find a tree or driveway to let loose in. The joys of little boys(:

Serene Designs said...

Thanks daddy.

Jenny said...

i talked to a friend about how she pottytrains her boys (because she was telling me that she can get them to stop wetting at night after 2 or 3 times)... once she getts them underwear that's it. She thinks it confuses the kids to wear pullups because it feels like a diaper so once the underwear is on the diapers are gone.

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