November 9, 2008

Keeping it Real

Sunday is a day of rest... hahaha! Oh wow, that's a good one!
6:30am, I know, not too early, but definitely too early for someone who hasn't slept in a week! Anyway, Savannah wakes up because somehow her pull-up had managed to escape her bum during the night so she wet the bed. Oh what great joys greet parents in the mornings! While getting her and her bed cleaned up, Jacob let us know that he was ready to party as well. But this is good right? Everyone is getting up early to get ready for church.
And yet, somehow, not long before church starts, we are rushing, trying to convince kids to leave shoes on, not to mess up the hair, put coats on... and no, get off! Jacob is not a horse!! Anyway, it is Sunday after all and for at least one day out of the week I would like people to think that I have children and not a bunch of little hobos. Eh, I don't really care what they think the rest of the week.
Magically, we make it to church on time. Still, Luke has to convince the boys that the nursery people really are nice while I go and perform for the Primary Sharing Time.
Then comes Sacrament meeting. Now, we have this (not sure if its good or bad) habit of sitting in the front. The building we meet in is rather old. There are no doors at the front of the chapel, just the back. So, when we need to take the kids out for diaper changes, potty breaks, or for screaming and crying, we have to take a nice long walk in front of the whole ward. Every time I do I can't help but hope that none of the kids snacks are stuck anywhere unseemly, that my hair isn't too disheveled since the kids like to play with it, or that all the clothes are properly positioned as they should be, especially since I have to make that trip many times in one meeting. Its amazing how many pairs of eyes you can tell are watching you without even looking!
After the closing prayer (Oh, did I mention we had to give the prayers today?) is said, I can't help but sigh a bit of relief. We start collecting all the many things that have been scattered about to and fro, under and over.
Now, usually, we try and make sure we have everything cleaned up Saturday night so we don't have to worry about it on Sunday. See, we try to be decent people once-in-a-while! But yesterday we had spent most of the day running errands so by the time we were done with all the walking, I was in no mood to start cleaning, especially with the contractions.
So, a great mess greeted us as we walked in the door, didn't smell too great either. Of course it just gets worse as the day progresses but come dinner, I knew something had to be done. You know when people use that "If Christ where to come to your home today" example in their lessons? Yea, not good. So, after everyone had finished dinner, I set to cleaning up.
Once I finally got both sides of the sink cleared out I moved onto what was left on the counter. Oh no, its the old food I had pulled out of the fridge last night to make way for the new groceries that has been sitting on the counter since then. I cringe, squint, take a deep breath, then pry open the lid. Whew! Without even breathing I can smell it! Oh wow that was powerful nasty! As I dumped the food down the disposal and quickly tried to wash away the smell I thought, how in the world does a responsible, self-respecting woman who has been married for over 5 years, has 3.75 kids, and holds a college degree allow such extreme nastiness to dwell in her fridge! Eww! Pretty soon, I notice Luke is wrinkling his nose as he turns accusingly to the boys and demands to know which little bum is responsible for that powerfully overwhelming smell! I timidly confess it was the nasty food I had just dumped down the drain.
Finally, dishes are done, table is cleared, floor is swept. Ah, time to rest. Nope! I spot the pile of dirty sheets from Savannah's accident this morning still sitting in the hallway. Oh dear, better get those things washed. But first I need to clear out the dryer (folding and hanging is always involved) and transfer clothes from the washer.
While playing with the kids for a bit before bed time, Jacob was sitting by me on the couch playing with a little toy. Suddenly, his eyes shift from his toy to his bare belly and he starts to pat it while saying, "Baby, baby." Then he looks at my belly and does the same thing. It was really cute.
Well, its time to get them ready for bed. I probably don't need to go into too much detail about the effort that goes into that!
Ahhh, the kids are finally asleep. What a day of rest.

And for your enjoyment, the picture of the day. (Actually, it wasn't taken today but, whatever)
Daddy's socks got plenty of wear before he even got a chance to enjoy them himself. So, do you think leg warmers will come back into style?

And last but not least, a Savannah moment:
"Dad, you can call me, Princess!"
Well, at least she knows who's boss!

4 super cool people speak:

Kira said...

Seth and I roared through this least I did. There is no rest for the mom. Hey, a college degree nearly 8 years and 4 whole kids for me. I'm no self-respecting woman. I just need a nap, but honey, it ain't coming. I can never find the smell. Just hope it goes away.

Mama Smith said...

Ah....the good ol' days....(smile) Now....I, now, enjoy, generally, a GOOD NIGHT SLEEP...No diapers to put outside...till the garbage man comes...(except when precious grandbabies come for day...(smile)However, the SMELLS...well...they come from a number of areas...We still have rotten food...and I still live with "3" MALES...(smile)

Heidi said...

I need to keep focusing on how happy my mother is with her life and children/grandchildren NOW so stories of days like these don't deter me from wanting 10 kids. But I still very much enjoy your stories!

Brittney said...

phew.. I'm so tired.. you do so much work. Way to go.

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