November 24, 2008

Daddy is so Cool

Do you ever wonder what triggers a good day or a bad day? Why is it sometimes you handle things so well, but at other times you just want to duct tape your kids to a chair while you hide in the bathroom? Yes, today was such a day. Its amazing how these miniature people can drive a grown adult to the brink of insanity!
So, after a day of breaking up fighting, cleaning up potty accidents, making food, getting drinks, changing diapers, getting yelled at, cleaning up a million messes; daddy waltzes in the door and the kids pounce on him.
Yes, daddy is by far, the cool one. He has the ability and the energy to play with the kids. After all, it is somewhat hard to waddle quickly, or even bend over at this point. And after the kids are ready for a small break from playing with him, they turn to mommy and say, "Mom, I need a drink! Mom, can you get me a snack? Mom, I need help!" Well, what can ya do?
Still, I can't deny feeling loved when all the kids are fighting over who gets to sit with me for prayers.

Daddy suggested we make hand turkeys for Family Home Evening. The kids loved it!

Jacob mostly just crumpled his turkey while Joseph managed to decapitate his.

This is Savannah's turkey. In case you can't read it, it says, (and I was just writing down what she told me to) "I am thankful for my turkey and all my stuff. Oh, and my family".

Daddy and mommy's turkeys. Our hands are about the same length although Luke's hands are, well, considerably wider. He was making fun of me for the way I added the different colored feathers to my turkey.

And here's our little family. What a bunch of turkeys! Ha ha!! No pun intended. Okay, I take it back, the pun was intended.
Just in case you're wondering, the orange oval is an egg that says "baby".

5 super cool people speak:

Brittney said...

Those lucky dads get the playing without all the chores :) Ok, maybe they do have to go to work.. but still!!! :)

Marvin and Brenda Henry said...

I love the turkeys! So cute!!! =)

Claudia said...

I love the oval, too funny!

And yes I tagged you, mainly because you are probably the quirkiest friend (besides Nicole) that I know. And I mean that in the sweetest way:) I also know what you mean about lots of Sarah's. Surprisingly, there are no Sarah's in my current ward. That just doesn't feel right.

Heidi said...

I like the egg. The family--turkeys and humans--are all cute.

Mama Smith said...

My favorite was the "egg"...(smile)

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