June 28, 2012

Memorial Weekend - Part 2

"Wow! Serene is so classy!" 

Said no one ever.

Ah well, what can you do. I've embarrassed myself so many times it's completely second nature. I don't even realize I'm doing it half the time!

As I was looking through all the park photos and trying to decide which ones to post and which ones not to, I was struck by one thing in particular.

I finally understand why people often comment on how much Alayna looks like me.

It's not the face, it's the hair!!

Clearly they've seen me when I first wake up in the morning.

I'm not sure how I feel about that.

The boys particularly loved to play in "the cage"

Is it just me, or does that seem like express permission to get a cage for the house?

Just sayin'.

 After we had been there for a while, Savannah, who had been feeling pretty lousy and had been sleeping in the car, finally managed to emerge and come out for some fresh air.

That was also my cue to bring out the snacks!

Apple slices and cheese sticks.

As I handed all the kids a cheese stick, I overhear a little girl ask Savannah, "Why does your mom call it a cheese stick?"

Savannah's awesome answer was, "Because it's a stick of cheese!

My kids do me proud.

Even Jacob, who dropped his in the dirt, was man enough to ask me to blow it off so he could eat it.

I confess, he gets that from my side of the family. (see first thing written in this post)

I thought for sure Claira would expire from extreme happiness. She thought this was about the coolest thing a girl could do.

Nothing like feeling the wind blow through your hair as you go down a slide!


At one point Alayna discovered a spider on a tree.

I can only hope that's not what she has in her hand.

It takes a while for Alayna to really warm up to people. But Papa finally won her over. 

This was a monumental occasion.

I just hope they weren't bonding over a spider.

Ah, look at these two young-ins! I'm pretty sure they could be nominated, "Best Parents Ever".

Naturally I'd be a closer runner up.


We finally dragged all the kids back to the car and went back to my parents house where the kids were introduced to the movie "Pete's Dragon".

It's amazing we only came home with one invisible dragon.

But Jacob was always breaking out into song about Passamaquaddy. It was awesome.

Sunday was relaxing and church was great, and we all went to bed that night in great anticipation for the Memorial Day Breakfast that my dad was cooking at the next morning....


P.S. I'm sorry all the pictures are so pixely. Ever since my iMac died and I lost access to my photoshop program, editing photos in awful programs like Microsoft Office Picture Manager and Paint have been my waking nightmare.

8 super cool people speak:

thatonegirl said...

Have you tried Photobucket?

Online, free program... isn't photoshop but def better than those

Mama Smith said...

Seeing all these pictures...just reminds me...how FUN FUN FUN...it is to do things with your FAMILY!!!!! I smiled all the way through the pictures! (smile)

Gina said...

If it's not a cheese stick, what is it??? (asking for a friend...)

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

I didn't know you could edit photos in photobucket. Thanks! I'll look into that!

Gina... hahaha!

Sarbear said...

I forgot about Pete's Dragon.. I need to show my kids that!

Brittney said...

Loved all the pictures! your family is adorable..and you must have a major photographer in your family to get all those shots - your mom?

Sue said...

What a great day with the fam!


Stef said...

What else would you call a cheese stick?? Seriously? Looks like a load of fun!

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