June 6, 2012

It's a Family Thing

This is a random photo and doesn't really have anything to do with the post other than it was taken at the same time as all the others. I just like the way Claira is contemplating on just how crazy I really am.

Not having grown up around extended family, marrying into my Hubby's family was practically culture shock. I swear he's related to half the state of Wyoming.

He would say I'm exaggerating, but deep down... I'm confident he suspects it might be true.

To this day I still get confused as to who is who in that family. Whenever we happen to go in for one of the many family reunions that take place, I usually just smile and nod at everyone and hope I'm not asked to do anything that would require using names.

That's just a disastrously epic fail waiting to happen.

I can just see how it would all go down too...

*entering imaginary dream state*

Family member one: "Serene! Did you hear so and so was expecting?"

20 minutes later...

Me: "Hey there! Congrats by the way, how far along are you?"

Family member two: "What! I'm not pregnant! What are you saying!?"

Incredibly uncomfortable me: "Oh uh... but, family member one said you were expecting! Wait... you are so and so... right?"

Family member two: "Uh, no. No I'm not. That's my sister. And she never told me she was pregnant!!"

*exiting imaginary dream state*

Oh ya, it would happen to me too. I have a knack for sticking my foot in my mouth you know. True talent right there. I think it's called foot-in-mouth disease.

But anyway, it just so happens that one of Hubby's cousins has moved near-by and I confess, she's one of my very favorites.

This is Callie. Totally love this girl.

It was her birthday last week so I decided to load up the fam, swoop in and surprise her with a birthday cake! The best part was, it was totally fondant free (thank all the stars in the heavens) and completely made of chocolate!

I thought for sure the kids would be itching to get their hands into the chocolate, but Claira took to sampling the candles instead.

She takes after her dad's side of the family.

Since I forgot matches, Callie took over.

Totally need to get me one of those suckers.

Hubby turns 32 this year and I suspect I'll need one to light all his candles.

Okay so, I confess I almost didn't post this video, just because I sound like the world's biggest idiot in it, but the puff of smoke that comes off that cake was pretty awesome. 

I'm thinking we need a more lively birthday tune. Just sayin'.

Anyway, the kids loved the frosting, especially my little niece. Isn't she a doll?

Who clearly has been spending a lot of time around my kids.

I think their mannerisms are rubbing off on her.

Anyway, Happy Birthday Callie-girl!!

Oh, and here's the kissy picture your husband wanted.

I figured he'd appreciate this.

8 super cool people speak:

Madame Coin said...

When I was growing up, we never had those little lighters. We used my dad's blowtorch to light birthday candles.


Amy said...

I understand about the relative thing. I have a huge extended family, but my husband is related to half the city of Mesa. Standage is a huge name down here. There's a street named after us! Every time someone asks me "are you related to .... Standage?" i say "Probably."

Larsen said...

Awesome. You make great cakes, I can tell!

Mama Smith said...

Happy BIRTHDAY CALLIE!!!!! The fun part of being part of Sarah Serene's life...YOU have become a part of OUR LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!! Welcome to our WORLD! (smile) Well, you may change your mind one day...but, in the meantime...just pretend...we are all "normal"...(smile)

Sue said...

What a cute birthday girl...and she is part of a very cute couple, too!


PS. Can't believe the smoke off that cake!!

Doran & Jody said...

Happy Birthday!

Hey, when it's my birthday will you come and sing to me?

balloongal said...

Those lighters are so handy. Besides lighting candles, my husband uses them to light his juggling torches.

Camie Rae said...

Okay so here's the question...I grew up in Wyoming. And I betcha ten bucks that I know some of your hubby's family. Does he have any in the Star Valley area?????

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