June 26, 2012

Memorial Weekend - Part 1

Why... are you looking at me like that? Memorial Day was a mere one month ago! Wait until I get our Spring Break pictures done, then you can look at me weird.

But until then, I fully expect you to congratulate me for blogging about our Memorial Day so quickly.

We all have moments we are proud of.

Like that I've just finished off my ninth otter pop in a row without the kids even noticing that I was eating them.

That's call talent people.

Anyway, where was I... oh yes, Memorial weekend.

Due to the crazy summer schedules this year, it was decided that Memorial weekend was really the only time we could drive up to Montana to my parents place.

We were about five hours into the seven-hour drive when I realized I had forgotten my camera and told Hubby to turn around so I could grab it!

Okay not really.

Still, all the pictures I have are from my moms brand new fancy-shmancy camera which I really wanted to swipe borrow, permanently. But she kept it under lock and key and bodyguards stood watch whenever it wasn't in use, so I wasn't able to grab borrow it.

At one point in our drive up there, we stopped off at this particular gas station that we always seem to stop at whenever we travel up that way. It's big and clean...ish. As we made the rounds and rotated taking all the kids to the bathroom, I noticed that all the workers standing behind the counters were laughing and grinning.

At first I thought maybe I had toilet paper stuck to the bottom of my shoe, but then I realized they were laughing at the boys.

I had forgotten that Joseph was sporting his transformer outfit,

while Jacob, who insisted he needed to dress up too, was sporting a simple, yet stylish red bandanna.

I'm glad we could be a bright spot in their dreary gas-station filled day.

We arrived without too many problems, the exception being Savannah throwing up in the back a grand total of three times because she was so car sick.

Lesson learned: Savannah is never allowed to ride in the back seat again.

Claira was just so happy to get out of her car seat!

I know, she's adorable.

You can lavish me in praise for making such cute babies.

I don't mind.

It was on this trip that my dad introduced my boys to the computer game "Ballistic".  It's a rather old game, considering that as an older kid I use to sit by my dad and watch him play it.

If you happen to know what that game is, you have just been promoted to the level of "excessively cool" in my book.

Some habits are hard to break I guess.

Do you guys remember this little scene from Pixars "A Bug's Life"?

It's my favorite line to use whenever my Hubby walks by a television, or picks up his iPhone. He acts the same way. (I love you Hubby, you know I do. But you gotta admit, you know this is true too)

It would seem that our children have inherited this trait.

*sigh* What can ya do.

But if you start saying "I can't help it, it's so beautiful" every time your spouse gets sucked into an electrical devise while you're trying to have a conversation with them, don't tell them where you learned it from.

I don't want to start getting any hate mail.

The next morning, Saturday to be exact, the kids went out to see their cousins. Salt, Pepper, and Sirloin.

Claira was a little suspicious, she doesn't think they are related.

Neither does my nephew, Logan.

But it's the eyes that give them away. Just sayin'.

What I can't figure out is, my dad thinks baby slobber is just about the most disgusting thing on the face of the planet. But he doesn't care if a cow licks him?

Does anyone else find this to be a little strange?

Or a lot strange?

Should I be worried about him?

After everyone got acquainted, we loaded up in the car and went out to go ride the ski lifts that run up the side of the mountains.

Too bad they weren't open yet, we were about a month early.

On the way back, we randomly stopped off at a park to let the kids play for a while...


3 super cool people speak:

Mama Smith said...

I am THRILLED you are writing this up....finally...(smile) GREAT MEMORIES! (smile)

Arwen0725 said...

Congratulations on the otter pops! That is true talent :)

Sue said...

Love reading about these visits!


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