June 13, 2012

Another Birthday Post?

Shopping for Hubby is down-right difficult. It seems like there's not a whole lot that he would particularly enjoy getting. Unless it was a new truck, a four-wheeler, a boat, or a motorcycle.

But those things tend to be just a wee bit out of the budget.

I mean, pish, I always carry about ten grand around in my back pocket, but twenty is kind of pushing it, you know? *insert eye roll*

And getting him ties and shirts for everything always feel a bit redundantly boring.

But in June, Hubby's birthday, Father's Day, and our Anniversary all pile up to come about in a week and a half time slot.

And I can never think of a dang thing to get him.

So ya, I'm still working on that one for this year. And since we just celebrated his birthday, I have about a week to think of something good that could encompass all three events.

*sigh* I'm doomed.

But we set about celebrating Hubby's birthday as best we could.

Claira helped me blow up balloons. She was a natural at it too.

 Oh... guess she just took great pleasure in chewing on them.

The kids took great care to decorate the table.

Especially Savannah. She put in a lot of meticulous effort to make it just so.

For starters note the little picture she made out of the exclamation mark. I thought it was weird she had drawn a picture of girl on it and figured it was a self portrait or something.

But then she informed Hubby later that it was a picture of him!

Bald with a beard.

Because Hubby teases that someday that's what he's going to look like.

All I can say is, that's quite a beard.

She also wrote him a special... poem? Note? Well, whatever it is, I think you'll get a kick out of it, so I'll let Savannah explain it to you herself.


But here's the icing on the cake. (so to speak) Let's see if you can follow along with me while I try to explain the birthday card Savannah made for him, just how she explained it to us.

It's beyond awesome.

So, there's a birthday fairy.

And poof! You have a card!

Now this next part is to be read like a conversation.

Savannah: "Dad, here."

Dad: "Yay!"

Savannah: "Yep. Uh huh. love you. I *heart* you

And now, for the "poem" written on the left side and a "letter" written on the right.

Nobody knows, the awesome power that blows with you. (at this point Hubby is laughing so hard he couldn't read any more. It took him about three or four times of re-reading that first sentence before he could continue.) You fly to the rescue, all that you do. Thanks.

Dear Dad, I love you. Thaks for everything. Your awesome! Keep up the good work. Love, Savannah
P.S. KissyPoo!

Reading that was probably the best part of Hubby's whole day.

Now, Hubby's not much of a cake fan. So every year I make him an ice cream cake. I've had a lot of success over the years and every year I try to make it a little different.

This was this years attempt.

It sure looked yummy (unless you don't like malt balls) and the kids were super excited to dig in!

So after trying to light all the candles for about ten minutes,

we were ready! 

But really, we were just getting all excited over an epic fail!

You know, all afternoon I kept hearing this weird beeping noise, but between trying to keep five little ones entertained while keeping the house clean and making dinner, I didn't really bother to investigate.

But, I really should have.

Turns out, that beeping noise was coming from the garage freezer where I had stashed the cake. Apparently, the door had been ajar all afternoon.

So instead of an awesome ice cream cake, it was a failed ice cream soup.

Callie had a good idea though. We should have just tossed it all into the blender and made a shake!

So, the moral of the story is... always investigate the beeping noise.

Oh, and Happy Birthday Hubby!

5 super cool people speak:

Amy said...

Savannah is just a hoot!!! And such a gorgeous girl.

Sorry about the ice cream cake fail. I brought jello (yes, very mormon) to a pot-luck get together a few months ago. It was 90+ degrees outside. We ate outside. No one ate my jello. It was soup. Gross.

Larsen said...

That was hilarious. Kyle's birthday is Friday and I was wondering if I could hire Savannah to write a poem for Kyle..... ask her for me.

I'll pay her a dime.


Sue said...

Love the poem.
Love the cake story.
Love your fam.


Wendy Williams said...

Very cute! Who cares if the ice cream melted? I bet it was still super yummy. You simply can't go wrong with malted milk balls. :)

Anonymous said...

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