July 2, 2012

Memorial Weekend - Part 3

Everyone has their "morning rituals". Things they tend to do in a particular order when they first wake up, whether they realize it or not.

I do find it interesting that my kids seem to be picking up on my own morning habits.

I should be more careful.

But Memorial day dawned bright and sunny, which was a nice change from the cold, wet weekend.

The kids took time to walk the robot,

and exercise the lawn mower.

You know, important morning chore stuff.

After that we headed over to the church for the annual Memorial Day Breakfast.

For as long as I can remember, my dad has been cooking for some event or another. He was actually quite sought after in Florida to cook at big events. Everything from disaster relief to multi-stake church events.

So when they moved to Montana, it didn't take long for him and his "Holy Griddle" as he so lovingly calls it, to become once again, rather popular.
Not taken from this past Memorial Day but it was the only picture of the griddle I could find.

Oh, and did I mention that he was the one who actually built that thing?
What a stud.

And here's our crazy family, waiting in line to get some food, cooked fresh off the griddle.


The kids were just excited to be out and about.

My boys went through great lengths to show their cousin Logan just how cool being a boy was.

After a while I pretended I didn't know whose boys they were.

As for the girls, well, they are just down-right strange.

I just can't imagine where they get it from.

Don't let my sister on the end there fool you, she's just pretending to be normal.

Normal isn't a trait we have a whole lot of in my family.

But on occasion, we like to try and fool people.

After the breakfast was over, we went back to my parents house, packed up our stuff and quickly left before my parents could make us take the kids with us too.


Oh... oh come on, you know I'm just kidding.

I would never, ever leave my kids behind!

I mean, pish, who else would I get to scrub my kitchen floors, give me back rubs, and bring me treats on a silver platter? Yeesh!

What... your kids don't do that for you?

Huh... strange.


6 super cool people speak:

Mama Smith said...

Oh...my goodness...LOVE LOVE THIS POST!!!!! When you coming back? (smile) Garvin has lots of projects for LUKE...(smile)

Saimi said...

Wow Serene that's quite a griddle your father has...impressive!! Our 4th of July breakfast is actually on Wednesday but our food won't be cooked on such a fancy griddle.

Your family is so cute as you and your sister, man she looks like you too!!

Does she love chocolate also??? Just asking....

Brittney said...

soooo..normally those baby carriers look ginormous and awkward...but somehow seeing Luke holding the carseat... well it doesn't look big or awkward. It looks like he's holding it as simply as a tiny doll carrier. Weird haha

Cute fam!

Sue said...

That is one HECK of a griddle. My hubby would probably fight for one. With the singles ward, it would solve many problems...


Anne said...

Wow, that griddle is amazing! Seems like something my dad would build if the occasion called for it :)
Gotta love those dads.

Stef said...

Your dad's griddle is amazing. Do you know how fast I could make cheese quesadillas on that thing! Holy smokes! lunch in a jiff...for the whole neighborhood.

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