June 18, 2012

I Deserve Candy Too!

Yesterday at church, all the men were handed candy bars in recognition of Father's Day.

I tried to explain to the young men passing out the candy bars, that without me, Hubby wouldn't even be a dad! So rightfully, I deserve a candy bar too.

For some reason, they just didn't go for that. But I don't understand! It makes perfect sense to me!

I mean, I would be totally fine with Hubby getting one of those flower plants that they always give out on Mother's Day.  (mine always die anyway) Why would I begrudge him that? So I still think I ought to have been given a candy bar.

Just sayin'.

And despite all the cute things I pinned to my Father's Day board on Pinterest, I didn't do any of those things.


Not that I'm one to state the obvious, but I am really bad at planning ahead.

...................Was that too obvious?

But I spent just about my whole day Friday cleaning the house and all day Saturday working outside with Hubby on the flower beds, which in truth probably meant more to him that a cutesy card or a big stash of candy.

Pish, men are so weird with their priorities.  

What?... oh, come on, you know I'm kidding! *awkward silence* A little....

Happy Father's Day to a man who just so happens to be a rather fabulous dad. (even if I didn't get a candy bar in recognition of my part in that)

And he looks sexy in glasses too.

P.S. In case you happen to wonder where I get all my supreme awesomeness, I get it from my ------ All my weirdness though, I get from my ------.

What? I can't very well be starting a war between my parents now can I? Besides, deep down, they know the truth.

Happy Father's Day daddy! Love you!

8 super cool people speak:

tomiannie said...

Thanks a lot -- I hadn't remembered all that cool stuff I had pinned for Father's Day until you had to go and bring it up. Oops. Oh well, there's always next year! (That worked out well for me yesterday, since I was able to use the Father's Day cards I had made for my Grandpas last year but never gave them...)

Is there some kind of 12-step program for this?

Larsen said...

We ♥ Luke too! Hope he had a great day!

Sue said...

Just have hubby go look at your Pinterest board. Tjhat's almost as good, right?


Rachel Ward said...

Funny thing: they gave the dads AND the moms candy bars yesterday. But only to make up for insulting the moms on mother's day by passing out food storage recipes rather than chocolate. Yeah. They did that. My husband's pretty sure that someone complained. Or every wife complained to her husband and the husbands got together and decided to get themselves back in our good graces. Either way, I appreciated it! :)

Garvin Smith said...

Thanks Scupper!

balloongal said...

They didn't hand out anything to the men on Father's Day in our ward. What does that mean?

mama boss said...

Even though my husband is not a member/doesn't come to church with me, we were sent home with a candy bar for him. Thank goodness he's not a big fan of Snickers, because he let me have it! That was a happy day for me!

Mama Smith said...

I absolutely LOVED this picture of Luke and Claira...I saved it to my collection of pictures...LUKE...you really are an AWESOME DAD! Thank you for LOVING my grandchildren...like you do!

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