September 26, 2011

Like Father, Like Son

Well, Hubby is finally home from his business trip. It was such a romantic homecoming too. Like a passionate movie scene.

Imagine the following in slow motion.  *cue romantic music*

Hubby flings open the door. Me, looking up from the opposite side of the kitchen where I had been talking on the phone.

Our eyes meet.

*kill romantic music, and the slow motion*

But I was plugged into the wall due to a dying battery. So I gave him a little wave as I said my goodbye's to my friend.

Meanwhile, Hubby was pounced upon by Alayna so he picked her up and gave her a big hug.

And so, after being gone for over a week, and leaving me to do all my grocery shopping Saturday night with all five kids, and taking them to church the next day while hauling the baby carrier and three church bags around in heels, his first words to me were, " Alayna really needs a diaper change."

Ahhh... the romance, the passion!

Haha! Oh, real life. So awesome.

Don't worry, he gave me a nice smoochy later. Which tickled, he really needs to shave.

Anyhow, it's so nice to have him home. We've missed him around here.

Now if only I could get Hubby to stop encouraging Joseph's choice of sock-ware by telling him, every time he puts on long, flashy socks, that he looks "sooooo awesome", we'd be set!

Of course, I did have to break Hubby himself of the strange habit of wearing long socks with shorts by introducing him to the wonders of ankle socks.

Like father, like son?

Anyway, I can't remember now who gave us these socks, but whoever you are, the people at the stores thank you for the entertainment.

9 super cool people speak:

M-Cat said...

Nothing like real life - young family romance!

Sue said...

One of my sons went through the long, crazy sock stage, too.

Fun, fun, fun.


Sue said...

PS. I think he thought he socks made him look like a basketball player.

Garden of Egan said...

Ah romance.
It never dies.

Saimi said...

HA! I rather like the socks with his Superman shirt!

Connie said...

Romantic encounters aren't all that they're cracked up to be. But those socks. now that's awesome!

Amy said...

You never fail to entertain me, Serene! Ba-ha-ha-ha-ha!

Patty Ann said...

Totally love the socks!! Glad that he is home safe and sound!

Garvin Smith said...

I can't stand ankle socks!

When I'm REAL old I'm going to wear plaid shorts with over the calf black dress socks (men's hose) and dress shoes!

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