September 9, 2011

Life in the Kitchen

Have you ever seen the popular kitchen sign that says something like, "Mom's two dinner options are: Take it or Leave it"?

Well in my house, we pretty much follow this motto. I think I might even get it tattooed to my stunningly muscular bicep so I can flex it for my children now and then. Because around here, it's a dictatorship, not a democracy.

Oh come on... I'm just kidding!

Sort of.

Still, I often tell my children that since I spent my time making dinner for them, they could at least have the decency and respect not to complain about it, even if they don't like it.

So, the other day I made Chicken Alfredo Lasagna, a recipe I've never tried before. (And can I just say, wow, it was yummo!) While it was baking, I walked out of the kitchen for a moment but still overheard the following.

Hubby: What's for dinner?

Savannah: Something I don't like. But I'm not allowed to complain about it.

Me: *snort*


You know, when I said that it would be nice if our kitchen was just a tad bit bigger, this wasn't exactly what I had in mind.

Especially before eight o'clock in the morning.

And where were the two culprits after completeing this... this... stunningly masterful piece of kitchen enlargement?

Ah well, I suppose "plastic bowl lid frisbee" is a much better game than "glass bowl bash".

And much, much easier to clean up.

'Cause wow, when I opened that cupboard at 11pm only to have the bejankers scared out of me, I'm pretty sure I had ten years frightened off my life.

And who puts the dishes away in this place anyway? Sheesh, she obviously needs to take a class in, "stacking glass dishes 101".



And on a totally un-kitchen related note...

...this chunky little hunk-a-cuteness started rolling over a week or so ago. Quite a feat with all those chub rolls if you ask me.

What was that? Oh, umm... no no, the other chunky little hunk-a-cuteness. The one in the pink.

I learned to roll over a couple months ago.

15 super cool people speak:

Momza said...

The way you "mother" is admirable!
Your babies are so blessed to have you!

Sue said...

Not only do you roll over, you do all kinds of wonderful motherly tricks.

Loved this post.


Garvin Smith said...


Neisha said...

you look great :) and so does baby

Brittney said...


And hey, I posted that quote recently on facebook. Did you see it? I'm glad to hear another mom has had success with that strategy. It CAN be done!

You are a fantabulous mom.

Sara Lyn said...

"Something I don't like, but I'm not allowed to complain about it"?! That's hilarious!

Ben, Heather and kids said...

is it bad that when i want a certain kitchen utensils I ask my kids for it?
our kids had a picnic the last rainy day we had. things everywhere. 'we promise to pick it all up when we're done' I should have clarified that they needed to be put away, WHERE THEY BELONGED!! (sigh) if it makes them happy for awhile, its (mostly) worth it, right!?

Amy said...

You should write a book.

I mean that as a complement. :)

Royalbird said...

You rock! I just need to tell you that your fresh, positive perspective of life is quite admirable. Keep it up!

ldsjaneite said...

She is such a cute chub!

Cathy said...

Ah, motherhood, the toughest job you'll ever love. Compared to us the marines are wimps. Did the kids have a story to go with the bowl parade?

Garden of Egan said...

She is so chubalicious!

Mama Smith said...

LOVED the POST...I am ON MY WAY! Will be in YOUR AREA...though, crashing out where the new TWINS are sleeping...and being a GRANNY for a WEEK...By-the-way...I have Savannah's birthday present with me...At least I am NOT a WHOLE MONTH BEHIND! (smile) See you hopefully today or within this next week! (smile)

Valerie said...

Never dull at your house. :)

Larsen said...

Congrats! I have been meaning to congratulate you on that new skill of yours. ROLL over to my house anytime!

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