September 19, 2011

Claira meets the Twins

This is my super cute and totally amazing sister-in-law, Annie. I just love her to pieces.

And her dimples.

I want her dimples.

There are a few things in this life that are just cruelly unfair. And one of those things is that she can't let me borrow them.

Not even for the weekend.

And that fine looking young man is my brother.

He's so lucky to have her, and he knows it. And that's why I love him to pieces too.

And because he can burp the alphabet. No wait... that's my sister's trick....

Anyway, those tiny little bundles are their new twin baby girls.

Madison weighed 4 pounds 8 ounces and McKenzie weighed 6 pounds.

Last week I was finally able to sneak away for the evening to go see them.

But I didn't actually see them at first. They were all wrapped up, laying in a chair here and a swing there, looking to ity-bity they were easy to miss!

Hmmmm..... maybe that explains why I accidentally sat on Joseph when he was a six pound newborn.

I've never forgiven myself for that you know. And someday, we'll have "the talk". I can just see how the conversation will go too. I'll sit him down and say, Now son, don't take this the wrong way, but I accidentally sat on you as a baby.

*awkward silence*

So... is there anything you want to say?

What was that?

Oh um... sure, of course you can borrow the car, and no, you can't have any money.

He'll clearly be much affected by this revelation.

Anyway... I wanted Claira to meet her new little cousins, so we set them all down to say hi.

Claira of course was more than excited and thrilled to meet them! And just to make sure they new it, she gave McKenzie a good fist to the head while Madison got an elbow to the face.

Since this is the lovin' she gets from her siblings, I guess she decided that's how she'll share it.

Her dating life will be awesome.

And of course I had to try the whole twin thing on for size.

Looks good on me, aye?

Of course the next day I found this note under my pillow.

Dear Serene,

Don't even think about it.

This is a threat.

Your Uterus

So I wrote back.

Dear Uterus,

Believe me when I say, I'm not thinking about it.

Oh, and take it up with the ovaries.

Just sayin'.

Respectfully wishing you would shrink even more,

Anyway, it was very fun to meet my sweet little nieces.

Hooray for little girls!

And just in case your wondering, which you're not, but I'll tell you anyway, my knee is starting to get much better after my epic biffage from the other day. All the evidence that's left you can kind of see on my right knee there.

And now that you've seen it, you may consider your day... fulfilled.

You're welcome.

P.S. Exciting news! One of my posts is being featured over at "Or so she says..." today. So hop on over to see me and leave some comment love! That way Mariel won't feel like it was a huge mistake to have me invade her blog.

15 super cool people speak:

Cherie said...

So sweet! I always wanted twins - I guess my Uterus wasn't on board with that idea either!!

Claira is so small but looks big next to her new cousins - I love the picture!

Sue said...

Those pictures of the little (and not so little) trio are a crack-up!


Saimi said...

Oh my those twins are adorable, but wait so are you...and that Claria...what a total cutie pie! Let's face it girl, adorable and cuteness runs in your genes!

ldsjaneite said...

I didn't realize the twins had already been born. Congratulations to them! And what adorable girls they all are. You all are amazing!

Patty Ann said...

oh, those are pictures to be cherished! We still have a picture of my daughter and four of her cousins that were all born the same year. The kids love to see it! congratulations to your brother and sister in law, and congratulations to you too!! Looks like too much fun!

KaShan said...

You are adorable!! I love reading your blog. Might I just call it my passtime as I sit and nurse my twin girls!! I am also a mother of 5 and I am 27. What fun it is! I must agree that I don't ever know what I am doing, but I just do it!! Thanks for letting me read!!

KaShan said...

I am so glad I found your blog!! We have so much in common!! 5 kids(3 girls and 2 boys), LDS, stay at home mom! And my house sounds similar to yours! Oh and my twin girls are the same age as your little Claira! They were born the 22nd of May.

Stacie said...

So I just found your blog from "Or so she says..." and I have to say I love it. You make me feel like a better mom. Thanks so much for sharing your fun and imperfections. You are a for real person.

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Ahhh.... thanks everybody!

KaShan: HA! How funny is that! Although I will admit to being a little jealous you got out of a whole extra pregnancy. Seriously, I'm requesting a stork next time. :D

Stacie: *blush* Thanks so much! I so appreciate your comment. I try to keep it real in a fun way around here, so thanks.

Corine said...

I have twins! :D Congratulations to the lucky couple!! :)

Garden of Egan said...

Those are darling little girls.
Your little one doesn't look so little anymore.
Time for another couple. Don't trust any commication to the uterus....or ovaries. They just tell ya what you wanna hear.

katie said...

just found your blog by way of "Or So She Says" and I LOVE IT! My sister just found out she is pregnant with twins and I am beyond excited! I have 3 of my own (6,3,2) and would love to have more, but the uterus says no :( Adding you to my daily reads! Would love for you to guest post on my blog someday too!

Mama Smith said...

I LOVED witnessing all of this! I miss you all...SO MUCH! NEVER much fun for me!

Larsen said...

Fun times Serene. How'd that note ever get under yer pillow is beyond me. Fabulous self conversations you have though.

Connie said...

Darling babies...all 3 of them!
Your uterus is very talented. Don't let it fool you, it could probably handle twins.

It's good your knee is healing.

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