September 6, 2011

Man in Tights

Labor Day. Ha!

Oh how appropriate.

We didn't do anything except, well... labor. Thankfully not the birthing type, just the cleaning type.

So yah.... nothing interesting to say about that.... *awkward silence, crickets chirping*

Okay then, moving on.

So, I have issues with the tooth fairy. I mean, wow. She is a real slacker around here. Totally useless. Isn't there a Tooth Fairy Agency I could contact and request a new one? Or maybe just a complaint box? I need to leave a note.

Because honestly, I am running seriously low on excuses for her tardiness.

What? The tooth fairy didn't come... again? Hmmm, well....

She may have been caught in the wind storm. Oh look! The wind has died down. Maybe now that it's almost lunch time, you should check again.

She probably just got lost in the dark because her magic fairy wand batteries died. Now that the sun is shining, you should go check again!

Maybe you just have a really heavy head and maybe she doesn't work out. Quick, go check now that you're not laying on your pillow!

Maybe she got fired last night.

And so it was yet again that little miss Lame-O Tooth Fairy forgot all about this little guy.

Yes, Joseph lost his very first tooth. And boy was he ever excited.

So needless to say, he was a little bummed when he woke up to find his little tooth still tucked snugly under his pillow.

Luckily, his tooth fell out of a Saturday and apparently, Mr. Tooth Fairy works weekends.

True he too was a little late, but he came through with a crisp dollar bill and instantly all tardiness was forgiven.

And Joseph was so excited over his new dollar I was actually feeling just a little bit nervous that he was going to try and pull out another tooth just to get more money the way he was eyeing and and testing all his other teeth.

Anyway, all I can say this time around is, thank heavens for men in tights.

8 super cool people speak:

Sue said...

Have to admit our tooth fairy was tardy once or twice, too.


Amy said...

Ha ha!! That picture is awesome. I love photoshop.

Angel Day said...

What!?! He got a dollar? Really? Man! My Tooth Fairy was cheap! I only got a quarter! Where is that complaint box you were talking about?

The Tolmans said...

1st I LOVE the picture, it totally fits Luke's personality ;)
Second, we forgot about when Adam lost his last tooth and I was already at school before Ben called me to tell me that Adam was DEVASTATED! I asked what he hold him and Ben said he told Adam that it was too windy last night and the Tooth Fairy probably couldn't fly! I thought it was a great save, so I love that you have used that one too. :)

Patty Ann said...

Love it! My daughters have to leave the tooth on the kitchen counter because somehow, the tooth fairy always forgets otherwise. We much have an extra forgetful one around here!

The Bagley Family said...

Tooth Fairy sucks here she came around 10am...but they were bummed about the toonie...($2 Canadian coin)

Garvin Smith said...

The way to always have "crisp" dollar bills is to iron them! U.S. currency has cloth fibers in it, so spray them with water and use a hot iron. Nearly instant crispness. Yes, now you can transform your old worn bills and make them look and feel new! Well, sort of.

Mama Smith said...

I remember once...when the "Tooth Fairy" didn't come...and I had to remind this child...that it was the "Sabbath" day...and the "Tooth Fairy" knew the commandments...and didn't work on "Sunday"...(smile) Was definitely a very nice "saving" moment! (smile)

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