September 28, 2011

Zucchini Warriors

Remember the 132 pounds of peaches mentioned a couple posts ago?

Yeaaaa..... soooo..... I'm just now getting around to canning those suckers.

All by myself.

Kill me now.

I spent from 10:00am to 7:00pm yesterday doing absolutely nothing other than canning those blasted things. Well, with the occasional baby feeding, diaper changing, take lunch to hubbying type of interruptions.

And the worst part is, I'm not done!  *whimper*

Okay, that's not the worst part. The worst part is, I'm out of chocolate.

Nobody should have to can alone without chocolate. I'm pretty sure it's one of the fundamental laws of the universe.

And have you ever seen what a house looks like after being left to the mercy of several toddlers over the space of nine whole hours with minimal parental intervention?

Oh ho. Believe me when I say, you don't want to. Ever.

It's the stuff nightmares are made of.

And so help me, if Alayna colors on the wall one more time.... *deep intake of breath - think happy thoughts... think happy thoughts...*

Anyway, besides those fuzzy little torture devises known as peaches, I've also been shredding our mutant monster zucchinis up for the freezer.

What? Don't you look at me like that! Whoever said you shouldn't play with your food, clearly had no sense of imagination.


Otherwise they could have been zucchini warriors too!

'Cause when you have that many zucchinis you might as well make the most of it. Besides all the ones in the picture, I also gave away four others and we've already eaten two.

All the size of Texas.

So now I have enough shredded zucchini to make 46 loaves of zucchini bread.

Bet you can't guess what my family will be getting for Christmas this year?

Anyway, those lean green fighting machines were so big that the kids had a hard time carrying them around. But they tried! Oh how they tried.

So next time someone tells you not to play with your food, just whip out your bandanna and say, "Oh ya? Watch this..."

14 super cool people speak:

Anonymous said...

You're such a fun Mom - love it, love it!And I understand what you mean about the chocolate... I ran out and was out for 4 days before I got a chance to got to the grocery store on *gasp* Sunday after church. I bought $17 dollars worth of chocolate. I will never be bereft of it again.

Stacy said...

We used to have actual sword fights with zucchini from my parents' garden.

Larsen said...

too think i asked if anyone had any zucchini i could have to make bread on facebook the other day......

Katherine said...

I love love LOVE the baby just dozing with a zucchini in the pictures.

I wish I had some zucchini. I've actually managed to kill all the zucchini I've ever planted. :(

Sarah said...

Stinkin' Cute Zucchini Warriors:)!
And way to work hard on those peaches!!!!!!!!!! Yikes:)

Mama Smith said...

These pictures are a riot! Love Claira's enthusiasm...! (smile)

Wonder Woman said...

A friend of mine made zucchini creatures the other day. They got out paint and hot glue and let the kids go to town. One even created a loch ness monster, complete with cut out teeth.

And I can't believe how big Claira is!

famr_4evr said...

Wow!! What amazing Zucchini and Warriors you have!! If it were possible, I would have you mail me a few. I didn't plant any this year.

Sue said...

Wow! Those zucchinis are fierce!!

The holders, too.


Kira said...

Up to our ears in zucchini like that. And peaches...I don't think it was 132 lbs, just a whole tree. By myself. Usually at night, 'cause I know I'll burn everything by day.

Charlotte said...

All by yourself? Wow. I am impressed. I had a lot less peaches and made my husband help me. He acquiesced because he knew, left to my own devices, the peaches would be ignored until they were a decayed mess.

Also, I now want zucchini bread. A lot.

Garden of Egan said...

Yes, I do know what that house must look like. I used to can everything that didn't stand still.

I love seeing those jars all full and sparkely.

Sorry you have no chocolate. I wish I was making the trek to your neck of the woods and I'd bring you some. 'cept I'm scared you would make me take a zuchhini. And I don't want NO more. My garden has been most prolific this year.

Lisa said...

Okay....sooooo...where's the shot of the boys holding the zuke in front of their, ahem, privates? Because as far as I know, that's the first thing every single one of my boys (including husband) did, from the moment they were born. Just like a garden hose. And a baseball bat. And practically anything elongated that resembles, well, you know.

La la said...

Hmm I realize this is a *ahem* older post but, the next time you have zucchini try frying it. Don't go thinking I'm crazy yet fried zucchini is by far the best thing ever. Super simple:

Slice the zucchini
dip slices in egg yoke and then into your choice of crushed crackers, (i like saltines or ritz best)
and then fry those suckers until they are golden brown.

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