September 15, 2011

My House is Sick

Forgive my bloggy lameness this week but, my house is really sick.

Generally it's always feeling a bit under the weather, but this week... it's bad. Every. Single. Room. in the house has thrown-up all over itself. Toys of every shape and size has been spewed forth to decorate any floor space it can reach. The books, clothes, blankets, and papers haven't been spared either.

I've tried to tend to it, honest I have! But every time I get a room on the mend, I get called away for something else. So I leave it with strict instructions not to ingest any small children. Not so much as a nibble.

It just doesn't sit well with them, you know?

And yet inevitably, upon my return I find the room deathly ill once again, sometimes worse off then it was before!

*sigh* Maybe I'll try a friend's suggestion and toss prozac around the house before I go to bed and hope it feels better in the morning.

3 super cool people speak:

Garvin Smith said...

Yea! I made it! I'm the first to comment! FINALLY!!

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

LOL! That's because no one likes this post ebough to comment on it. But thanks anyway dad.

Sue said...

I think the prozac idea is worth considering...


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