September 2, 2011

It's all in the wrapping paper

Two weeks ago, my first born turned seven years old.

And yes, I am just now writing about it because I am just SO on top of things like that.

As usual.

Now I confess, sometimes as I surf through blogs I see posts of all these super cute, wonderfully decorated birthday parties. And well... they kind of make me feel bad.

I don't think any of my kids have ever had a party like that.

Ah well, as long as there's cake, thankfully the kids don't seem to mind much.

It's all about the food, you know? At least they have their priorities in order.

We kept things simple. Little miss girly-pants got to invite a couple of her friends over so they could be all... well... girly!

'Cause apparently there's only so much girliness around here for her since her next two younger siblings happen to be boys. *insert eye roll*

Still, I suppose there are some advantages to that. During their play times I often hear Savannah tell the boys that she's a princess who was so beautiful that she was captured by bad guys so they needed to rescue her.

At least the boys get to practice chivalry.

Anyhow, her friends came over for lunch and I honestly assumed they'd eat then scamper off to play. Well, was I ever wrong.

As they were eating, things started heading down this direction.

And before I knew it, the girls were asking for scissors, glue, and tape as they started eyeing their paper plates, napkins and cups trying to decide what could be made out of them. Before long, we had a regular craft party going on.

And this, my friends, is the difference between boys and girls. If it had been a boy party, I'd probably be picking pizza off the ceiling and announcing that wrestling on the table is prohibited, and if they really wanted to throw their paper plates like Frisbee's, to please take it outside.

Instead, plates became shields, napkins became masks, and cups became swords as they declared themselves "The Three Musketeers!"

Soon however, the girls just couldn't take it anymore and were begging to open presents. So they did.

What was I doing this whole time? Why, making cupcakes of course! Because remember? I'm always so on top of things like that. That's right, none of this, "getting things done early" nonsense for me! *insert another eye roll and self-reprimanding sigh*

Again, I can only feel thankful that Savannah didn't seem to care about my party planning ineptness. She was perfectly happy and content to blow out her single candle.

At least cupcakes taste just as good made last minute as they do made ahead of time.

Then Jacob dropped his cupcake...

...and cleaned it up.

I've taught them well. *insert third eye roll*

Claira's wondering what the heck she's gotten herself into coming to this weird family.

After Savannah's friends left, the kids spent the rest of the day playing and popping balloons.

'Cause that's just the cool thing to do these days.

By the time daddy came home, Savannah was begging to open her present from us. She already knew what it was since she'd been begging for it ever since she first laid eyes on it.

Now, if you've been a long-time reader of this crazy blog, then you'll know that I've  never been very good at remembering to buy wrapping paper. And inevitably, birthday presents always get covered in snowflakes and snowmen since I simply just dig out the christmas paper.

Or worse, "wrap" it in a plastic sack.

Well, I am here to announce that for the first time in my parenting history, I bought wrapping paper for the sole purpose of wrapping a birthday present!

See? I have proof people... proof! Yea, go me!

But in the end, you know what I did?

Just handed her the present while still in the dang plastic bag I had brought it home in.

I have issues people. Seriously.

Well, again, at least she didn't seem to notice. I'm sure my kids must be use to this sort of thing by now.

And still later, her uncle Abe and Aunt Annie arrived bearing yet more gifts. She was more than thrilled.

And so, there you have it.

Happy birthday big girl!

Someday, you'll read this, shake your head and think, "Wow, I sure had a weird mom."

8 super cool people speak:

Sue said...

Hey, I'd rather have my cupcake warm out of the oven anyway!

And I hear ya about the wrapping paper. However, I have to admit that I do a better job using Christmas paper for my bday presents. I turn it inside out before wrapping.


PS. Your daughter is darling! Happy birthday to her!!

Kris said...

Awe Happy Birthday! I bet she had a blast judging by all the pictures, here we do simple too, nothing all fancy, the kids pick the cake or well cupcakes and then have gifts from us to open...And congrats on the baby, she is so cute(:

Garvin Smith said...

You are beautiful (and a beautiful mom!), Scupper

M-Cat said...

I'm glad to know that I am not the only one that didn't feel a need for a huge party. Of course the granddaughter gets it but, meh the kids don't even care. Presents and food are the kicker.

ldsjaneite said...

Aw look--she's giving it back to you to recycle for the next birthday!


Lisa S said...

My kid's b-day parties were just like yours. No frills, just a bunch of friends over with homemade cake. We lived in an apartment most of their young lives and had access to the pool, so we invited their friends over for breakfast and then would spend several hours at the pool.

Your kids are going to remember the fun they had and not the lack of time consuming, and expensive decorations.

Mama Smith said...

I think...the memories of what birthdays are all about...and I do believe...Savannah...had a great time...on her special day...

Being the bad "Grannie" I am...I have her gift still here with me...and plan on bringing it down with me...when I come help with the TWINS! least you made cupcakes on the right day...I am a MONTH getting to celebrate her special day! (so you come by it ever so naturally) Can blame it on your UP-BRINGING (smile)...

Holly Decker said...

thanks for your post on "mormon mommy bloggers"... i just KNEW i wasn't alone! I have 3 under three, and its bliss- well, its definitely a blessing. I am definitely planning on posting a link to your article if/when i get pregnant with our fourth. i especially loved your excerpts from the family proclamation- my husband and i refer to it often. and i love that you remind us all to not judge either direction.
keep going! you are great! love your blog. isn't motherhood just one fantastic roller-coaster ride?

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