February 15, 2011

It was a bust

If you want to read about pink, heart-shaped pancakes, cute decorations, and heart-shaped pepperoni for the homemade pizza, sorry. You'll have to go back and read last year's V-day post, 'cause this year, I didn't make it past buying some candy.

Which I ate most of.

Eh hem....

I'm not quite sure where this lands me on the lame-o-meter, but I'm guessing pretty high.

Yesterday, well, nothing went according to plan. It was kind of an odd day.

Not odd as in, Oh great! He just asked me to be his valentine, but I don't like him! Now where's my pink scrunchy and high tops?

No. It was odd as in, unexpected situations kept arising.

So instead of feeling too bad about it all, I'm just going to blame it on the fact that Hubby wasn't feeling too good so he missed some work in the day, which resulted in him working late.

And when Savannah had come home from school, she quite literally crawled into bed a few minutes later and didn't wake up again until 9:30pm for a quick drink of water before going back to bed to sleep all night. She got up about ten to 8:00 this morning.

Not to mention the pretty impressive meltdown Jacob had at dinner, which lasted well past bedtime.

So no cookies, not candy, no exchanging of family valentines or cute decorations.

Outside of a Sunday afternoon helping Savannah with her school valentines, we more or less did nada, nothin', zip, ziltch.

Because I'm pretty awesome like that.

This message has been brought to you by the Lame Parents of America Association, where we pride ourselves on making you feel better about yourself.

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Stacy said...

I'm in Serene! Yeah, I'm not a great holiday mom, and yesterday was lame-o. I think the only Valentine's acknowlegement that came from me was reminding Ashlynn to put her (pre-made, store-bought, sign-on-the-line) valentines in her backpack to take to school. And this morning I threatened to thrwo all their candy in the trash if they didn't stop trying to sneak it to school. I may need therapy for being the lame mom.

Felicity said...

Love it! You aren't lame for not doing anything for the holiday. I mean, I could care less about it. I'm single, don't have a boyfriend (don't want one unless he's an RM), and I spent my Valentine's Day protesting against federal funding for Planned Parenthood - fun, huh? And, we had cream of wheat for dinner. Mmmhmm, that's how we roll. ;)

Felicity, at {Simple Elegance}

Sarbear said...

At least you put up a cute valentines post about your hubby. That ought to count for something.

Tristan said...

Ha, it happens. Don't beat yourself up over it, just use it as an opportunity to surprise the family with a "Family Valentine's Day" randomly in the next week or two. :)

Sue said...

We all need a holiday like this now and again to make us appreciate the "good" ones.

Kinda like those birthdays when hardly anyone remembers...

Or the Christmas where everyone is too sick to care about the presents.

The winner, though, is the stomach flu Thanksgiving. Yep, we've had it!


PS. We cooked the turkey but never made anything to go with it because we were crawling around on the ground with kitchen bowls in hand. The turkey ended up in the middle of the coffee table, and no one touched it.

Hannah said...

You know? After reading a few posts like this today, I've decided that low-key sounds nice. That's my resolution for next year. A low-key valentine's day.

Garden of Egan said...

Sounds like a normal day on the planet.
Sometimes the day is just another day.

Savannah is beautiful.
Like her mommy.

The Bagley Family said...

Charlie, my 4 year old, summed it up,
'Mom is Valentines Day over?'
'So, all we get is a card? Well that sucked!'

I had decorations from last year but frankly I was too lazy to put them up...

The President of The Lame Parents of NORTH (cause I am Canadian, lol) America Association

Laura, Ben, and family said...

My six year old took valentines to school, their grandma gave them cookies .. yeah. That's the extent of our "celebration" ... I'll wait 'til they get older.

- another member of LPA - lame parents association.

Neisha said...

don't feel bad. we only did a heart shaped pizza. we don't do much for V-Day.
you could always have a late family Valentine's Day..you know that they candy hearts are now 50% off :)

T said...

Lame parents of the world unite. with a sick daughter I bought some heart shaped pizza for the kids and let M.O.T.H. make me dinner.

Now, if doing the dishes together is romantic then we've got it going on.... other than that? yeah, Lame.

Lisa said...

Such pretty girls~so pretty, in fact, that all you have to do is LOOK good. No personality or Valentines production needed. That's the blessing of being beautiful. Enjoy it.

tattytiara said...

Judging from the fact that I had no idea families were supposed to celebrate Valentine's day, I can safely assume my parents didn't either, and my parents rocked. Naw, you're definitely not even a little bit lame!

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

It's like having an online support group here! LOL, thanks everyone!!

Cheeseboy said...

Some days just go that way. Even the holidays.

Courtney B said...

Hahaha I love it!! I didn't get much accomplished either and I don't have kids or a sick hubby to blame. I'm just lame :)
Your blog is so SO fun to read! And you are SO pretty!

Charlotte said...

I have those lame holidays, too. More than I would like to admit. I'm especially lame at anniversaries. My poor husband.

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