February 16, 2011

To Patch a Pair of Pants

I don't sew.

Well, I mean I can use the basic setting on a sewing a machine and I have even done one or two simple sewing projects.

Basically anything that doesn't require more than sewing a simple line.

I do have an old sewing machine, graciously given to me by a neighbor. But the kids managed to lose the screw that holds in the needle. So for all intents and purposes, I don't have a sewing machine either.

Now, poor Savannah always seems to have a shortage of non-holey pants. She does have one pair that I bought her recently. But all four of her other pairs have nice, fatty, holes in the knees.

Still, the rest of the pants are perfectly fine and I do so hate to see them all go to waste. 

But remember, I don't sew. Plus I'm sewing-machine-less.

So I tried to come up with a nice, temporary solution.

And I did. I think.

I hand-stitched a patch over one of the gaping holes.


You! Quit rolling your eyes at me! I was rather proud of myself!

But forty-five minutes later, I had developed a really big appreciation for hand-made clothes, and their poor, poor seamstresses.

I'll never be able to watch any movie set "back in the day" the same way ever again.

I'll be too busy crying over their clothes.

12 super cool people speak:

Sue said...

I know, right? How did they have the patience?!


PS. Oh. I guess having no choice had something to do with that... ;)

Larsen said...

Hope you know you can CALL ME. I have a sewing machine. Can help you.

And when you are crying in those movies, call me and I will come watch them with you!

Kristina P. said...

Nice! My husband still doesn't know how to sew a button on. I thought that was a premission requirement!!

Courtney said...

They sell iron on patches for clothes at walmart, just in case that makes things easier. You did an awesome job though, way to go!

Neisha said...

looks great! I sew a lot with my machine so when I have to hand sew something, I get a little whiny :)

T said...

cute and functional - who needs to sew? I mean... look at all those seamstresses who made those amazing hand-sewn things "back in the day" where are they now? that's right, they're dead.

Saimi said...

Well done girlfriend!! When my youngest son was a mere lad, his favorite pair of jeans had holes in both knees. I could not get him to wear anything else...Poor kid, he looked like an orphan child, actually he didn't care, so go ahead and feel sorry for me!

Cherie said...

You rock - I never patch anything I mean why patch something when you can go shopping (oops probably not the most frugal thought.).
Good job to you!

P.S. And incidentally I like to sew but I do not like to patch or sew on Scout Uniform badges so I have this miracle stuff that makes them stick on.

Garden of Egan said...

I'm sorry you don't have a sewing machine. Hours of fun I tell ya! Screaming kids running around while you try to thread a bobbin.
Good times.

Cute patch though!

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Nice picture...You are too funny!

Patty Ann said...

Love it!! I have so done the same thing, not only to my kids clothes, but to my own!!! Yeah, no pride here. Now, I can sew, at least a little. It is not great, but they aren't too embarrassed to wear them anymore.

the Gardners said...

Woot, woot! Way to go! I did the same thing by hand to T's' pants just last week, but I will say yours looks WAY better than mine. The boy slides on concrete on his knees. I don't know how professionals make their's look so good and use a machine!

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