February 22, 2011

Bloggy Buddies are the Best!

I have met some pretty fabulous people through blogging.

And I say "met" quite literally because last year, besides being mocked by my family, in-laws, and friends, I went to MMB's Casual Blogger's Conference where I got to meet, in person, several of my bloggy buddies.

It was so great.

I even hitched a ride down to it with a super fantastic blogger who, as it turns out, only lives about 20 minutes from me!

Do you know Tauna from The Garden of Egan?  I luv Tauna. If you don't know Tuana, you're missing out, cause she's awesome. A hilarious ER nurse who is truly thoughtful and sweet. 

Yesterday I was out toting my married-since-Thanksgiving-and-are-now-expecting-twins, brother and SIL around town. Just as I was pulling up to the house, a vehicle pulled into my driveway just in front of me.

At first, not recognizing the vehicle or the person driving it, I was worried that maybe it was a sales lady. (So sorry Tauna! I truly didn't recognize you with your haircut! Which is super cute bytheway)

But lo and behold, Tauna was standing before me, bearing the most beautiful gift I have ever seen!

*sniff* Isn't it just... just... *sniffle* the most gorgeous thing you've ever seen? *dabbing eyes*

Sorry, I just need a moment. *blowing nose, sniffle*

K, I think I'm good now.

The instructions on top said "Take often, even in the shower!"

'Cause I wasn't joking when I said yesterday that I sneak chocolate into the shower with me so I don't have to share.

I really wasn't.

*deep sigh of contentment* I could just gaze at it lovingly all day.

Okay, I'm lying. I have been venomously attacking it since Tauna left it with me. And I have to say, these are the BEST prenatal vitamins I've EVER had!

I don't understand why these aren't prescribed more often, I think they would work wonders on pregnant women.

Well, she DID say to take often and she IS the nurse after all. I'm just following orders!

I wanted to invite her in and chat it up, but my hubby has strep, and the other kids are getting over bad colds. So I decided against it. Because I like her that much.

Thanks so much Tauna! You're the best! Seriously, you're awesome.

So... can I contact you when my prescription needs a re-fill?


Another fabulously funny blogger, whom I also got to meet in person at the CBC, sent me something rather grand in the mail a few weeks ago.

Do you know Lisa from Blue and Shoe?  I luv Lisa. If you don't know Lisa then you're missing out, 'cause she's awesome. She blogs on the wild side of things and so hilarious, so be sure to fasten your seat belt before you pay her a visit!

Look, look, look what she sent me!!

*squeeeeee* Isn't it adorable! There is no such things as having too many baby girl clothes.

Although Alayna has tried to claim the headband for her own after she realized the outfit wouldn't fit past her chubby thigh.

Thanks so much Princess Lisa! You're the best! Feel free to come babysit whenever you want!

Really, I won't complain.


And to all you other awesome bloggy buddies out there, even the ones who come to read and laugh at me in total anonymity.

Just know, that I {heart} you.

*double heart pound, peace sign*

17 super cool people speak:

Hannah said...

That is, quite possibly, the best pregnancy gift EVER. How sweet. I love blogging friends...

Neisha said...

haha...that's a great gift! :)

Cheeseboy said...

If those are prenatal vitamins, then I want to be pregnant.

Pamela said...

Oh my goodness...I am so going to do this. I even have a recipient in mind!

gigi said...

So grateful for chocolate!
Yeah, Tauna is my twin "Blister"! She is the best!

Wonder Woman said...

I was in your neck o' the woods yesterday and REALLY wanted to track you down. Driving down the freeway I kept looking at houses, seeing if I thought any of them might belong to you. (I didn't find one that looked like I picture yours looking like.) But my SIL and BIL are moving up there, and Superman might have reason to travel there frequently, soon. (Very vague, I know. Sorry.) Point is, I was thinking about you yesterday. I'm glad someone else was, too. Maybe we'll have reason to get together soon!

p.s. my WV is "humpy." No lie. Not commenting on it, either. I'm just sayin'. =D

Amy said...

I love the prescriptions. I'm totally using that idea.

Kristina P. said...

What great women! And now I am sending Tauna a porn bomb out of bitterness and jealousy.

Saimi said...

Awesome, awesome, awesome! Blogging friends are the BEST!!!

Sue said...

What a cute and totally thoughtful idea!


Garden of Egan said...

So glad you are enjoying it....or are they gone already. You should be careful.....wouldn't want you overdosing!

It was funny, cuz I wasn't sure if I was at the right house. It's been months since I was there to pick you up for CBC. I am so directionally challenged.
I thought I was at the right house, then Alayna popped her head out the window....cute munchkin...then I knew I was there.

Yay for Lisa.

Ya, I was mocked by my fam too. I just told them that they were totally wrong if they THOUGHT they fulfilled my every need.

Refills? You betcha!

Cherie said...

HOly Cow I didn't know you lived near Tauna. She is one of my good buddies and she is definately the best!! Maybe next time I am in that neck of the woods, which is pretty often since my daughter lives that way, I will drop in on you too! Cause I know when you are pregnant you love people just dropping in on you - ha ha.

I love Lisa too - I have not met her in real life but love her style!

You are being spoiled and that is SO awesome!

Jocelyn Christensen said...

INDEED!Now I know what to do with all my old thread boxes!

Nikki said...

Totally stealing this idea! So awesome!

Larsen said...

You do have the best bloggy friends ever and I want to go with you next time to the blogfest.



T said...

Tauna and Lisa both get a big thumbs up... even though they make the rest of us look like lazy slugs because we've done NOTHING...

love ya, really... even if I don't drive over with chocolate or mail cute headbands... dang...

hjsmith said...

That is so awesome(: all you out there are amazing(:
I think I need to send my hubby out to get some of those prenatals(: All I have been wanting these days chocolate and real potatoe chips(: we have nacho chips as a staple in the house but they are not quite doing it. Yummy(: and that baby girl outfit is way too cute(: So happy for you Sarah(: and your wonderufl friends(:
Have a super duper day(:

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