February 10, 2011

Operation Escape

Faint whispering and giggling alerted me to a covert operation.

I was up to my elbows in dinner so I stood down and waited, keeping my senses on high alert. I remained suspicious, but unalarmed.

Suddenly, I heard the front door open as Savannah burst into the kitchen.

"Mommy mommy!" She squealed while smiling so big I'm amazed her face didn't split in half, "Alayna's escaping! Quick, you have-ta go catch her!"

I walked to the front door and encountered the boys laughing hysterically.

"Wook mommy!" Joseph giggled, "Layna is weawing Savannah's coat!"

"Yea!" says Jacob, "And da Bob da Buiwder snow boots too!"

Savannah claps her hands in excitement. "Haha! She looks so cute!" 

Alayna, realizing she's been caught, tries to run away.

Should I go left?

Or right? 

Or... wait, it is kind of dark out there....

Back inside the doorway, the other kids continued to laugh and giggle at what they considered a clever scheme on their part, since they were the ones who dressed her up.

"Layna! Layna! Look over hewe!" Jacob kept calling.

"Yea Layna! Smile! Wook at da camwa!" Joseph yelled outside.

Savannah too was the perfect cheerleader. "Come on Layna! Come on cute girl! Look at the camera! Say cheese!" she said in a voice the one might use to encourage a puppy to come to you.

The most entertaining part for me in all this, was watching and listening to the other kids laugh and giggle in pure excitement, and think they were just so very clever. 

But finally, Alayna had had enough, and the kids all went back to doing different things.

Still, it was an awesome moment.

10 super cool people speak:

Sue said...

Yes, it was.

Thanks for sharing it!


Amanda Joy said...

That is cute. I love it when kids think they are sneaky. At least your kids worked together to execute this. (It ought to be interesting when they try being sneaky together as teenagers:)

Larsen said...

That is incredibly clever. Brilliance runs in the genes.

Neisha said...

those are the best moments :)

ldsjaneite said...

Kids who can entertain themselves and ALSO find their own sources of humor are priceless. Less entertaining on your part!

Stef said...

And THAT is why we have kids. Lots of them. Close in age!! Thanks for sharing your moment.

Patty Ann said...

I so agree!! Reminds me of the days of my own. The nice thing is that they love each other and will stay close to each other. All the times like this are simply making memories.

Mama Smith said...

And the best part of it...You RECORDED IT...and pictures to go with the moment...How I wish...I had all those moments...from when you were all young children...I have so very few of those precious treasured moments...Alas...I will have to wait to watch the movie of my LIFE...in the eternities...to recapture all those wonderful moments...

Garden of Egan said...

She is a sweetheart!
You just can't resist eyes like that.

Cheeseboy said...

Your kids ARE clever. And funny. And awesome.

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