June 25, 2010

T-Ball is Kicking my Trash

Note: Please adorn saftey gear now. Stray balls and flying baseball bats lay ahead.

Joseph had a make-up T-Ball game yesterday, since one of his games had been cancelled due to rain.

When I announced we were going to a make-up game, Savannah was devastated. Was she invited? Could she go too? Did she get one?

After I explained I wasn't talking about cosmetics, her interest died quickly.

But the other team didn't show up, so there was no game. Joseph could have cared less, and I was overjoyed! Ecstatic really.

I *loathe* T-ball.

No really, I do. There are many things I try to like for my kids' sake. Like not sleeping and under-cooked hotdogs. But T-ball? I'm stugglin'.

I think I would rather give up chocolate forever rather than ever do T-Ball again.

And next year when both boys play, I'll remind myself of this and wonder how I could have forgotten the loathing so easily.

Granted, if I only had to deal with the one kid who was actually playing, it would be quite doable. Perhaps, and I say this with chagrin, even enjoyable!

But no, every Monday and Wednesday, we load up into the car, which in and of itself is a workout, then drive to the park, tell the one to go find their team, while I wrestle with the other three to stay close by.

And don't go over to the playground because I can't watch them and the game.

Don't pick up other people's trash, like straws and gum, and put it their mouths. Though in both instances, I wasn't always successful.

Don't raid unwatched diaper bags, and drink from open cans of soda left sitting around.

Don't chase after the dogs people are walking through the park.

Watch carefully while they scale the peeling bleachers.

To not run off with kids I don't know who have cool toys.

Run them to potty breaks that they supposedly didn't need to take before we left.

To keep them away from that blasted Snowie stand.

You know what the best part is? We don't do this just once, but TWICE a day since my two oldest kids are on different teams. That's right, rinse, lather, repeat. Rinse, lather, repeat.

Just shoot me now.

And why not just let my kids play T-ball while I go push the other three on swings, you may ask?

Good question.

Besides the obvious that every kid loves to be cheered for and should have their parent whooping and hollering for them, I have other reasons.

Exhibit A: Savannah, the one we did NOT originally plan to put in T-Ball.

She does surprisingly well. She enjoys playing and knows the other kids on her team from church. And whenever she touches home base, she is just down-right euphoric.

On the flip side.

The first time she ever got "out", she balled. She really did. She sobbed on my shoulder and begged to go home.

After I calmed her down and convinced her to stay, she got out again. It was almost too much for her.

At another game, when she was tagged out, I found her on her knees in prayer at the bench, begging for help to run faster.

She really hates to lose.

So, while I did have to send her to a game once without me out of necessity, I want to be there for her when she gets out and cheer for her when she crosses home plate.

Exhibit B: Joseph, the one we thought would LOVE T-Ball.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get him on a team with people he knows. He doesn't do well with the new and unknown.

Still, for how much he loves to play baseball at home, you never would have guessed it watching him play with his team.

He hates playing on the field. I have to stand out there with him or he simply won't go. Which often leads to other little ones running onto the field to get me and disrupting the game.

He does seem to enjoy batting and running, but he really struggles with the down time in between.

He pouts and moans and groans and wanders off most of the time.

Now that there is only one week left of games, he is finally starting to let his coach help him and to play with his teammates. He even made a friend. Go figure.

Everyone seems exhausted and grouchy at the end of every game. And I usually work up a sweat.

T-Ball is kicking my trash.

23 super cool people speak:

Doran & Jody said...

LOL!!! This sounds SOOO familiar.
Well except the part where they "get out". The league that our grandkids are on don't get out. EVERYBODY runs, and not necessarily to the right base. They try to teach them to tag a person but they still don't 'get out' even if they get tagged. So cute.

Cookie doesn't really have 'down time' because she is too busy playing in the dirt.

So funny. Good luck!

M-Cat said...

Stick with it. So many life lessons to learn from playing sports. As long as the kid isn't too overwhelmed (it should be a little hard) - it is really the greatest thing. And these all make memories for your kids that will last forever.

Grab another diet coke and jump back in the saddle honey!!


Ben, Heather and kids said...

this has nothing to do with this post..
but I did the 'walmart train' today. :) we got a few stares, but a few ppl actually came up and said how smart I was to think of that. I told them I DIDN'T think of it.. I copied the idea from you!! :)

Royalbird said...

ah yes. We had fun with this at our house already. Last year only my oldest played and it wasn't so bad. Except that I was dumb enough to volunteer to be team mom. And my husband was working and going to school full time for both. And my kids were one year younger. After last year, I thought this year would be a piece of cake. We had three kids playing. Two were on the same team and the other on another team. We had it every day M-Th and occasional make-up games on Fridays. Can I just say how happy I am that Teeball ended last week?

I so feel your pain.

Saimi said...

Ahh, the good ol days! You have brought back a flood of memories. T-ball, little league, soccer (all three at one time) piano lessons, recitals, music festivals. football, wrestling, basketball.

It's only the begining sista, just gotta roll up them sleeves and dive in!!

Ha get this my word verification is 'extra'

Krista said...

I was sad and happy at the same time when Seth quit soccer. YOU, though, have your hands full.

Cherie said...

T-Ball definately does kick a mom's trash but it is SO worth it!
I have 3 boys and a husband who love baseball- and when I say love I mean L-O-V-E. I was doomed from the start. I also have one daughter who loved it when she was young.
I have been to so many t-ball and then baseball games over the years - Holy Hannah - If I had a nickel for each one - you know the rest.
It was hard, really hard when the kids were all young. I feel for you sister! But then as they start getting older and you see them develop and really love the sport and they gain so much from being on a team, then you realize all the "trash" you had to swim through was worth it. I know it's hard to look down the road but successful kids definately happen because Mom was willing to get her trash kicked!
P.S. It is not a sin to NOT watch their game. Seriously - sometimes I was so tired I'd sit in the car and read a book while kids slept. No shame in that. They don't remember.

gigi said...

I'm surprised that it wasn't cancelled due to SNOW!

Try T-ball in 100* humidity and Sand gnats!! The WORST!!!

ldsjaneite said...

I'm glad you're helping her to learn that we don't always win. I have to deal with too many criers who haven't learned to be good losers, yet. And the parents look at me like "My child is supposed to win EVERYTHING." I feel like saying "unh-uh" and "Tough! Get over it!" Ah well. The latest was only annoying They had none of my sympathy as they were 6 year olds at a TEEN party.

You, on the other hand? Dealing with all that? Yeah. Sympathies your way.

Cassie said...

That's how I feel! Every week I am so exhausted I will have to do 2 times next year too because Peyton will be 4. Ugh.

Cheeseboy said...

My wife is convinced our 4 year old would LOVE t ball too. I am convinced that he is a Joseph.

Kazzy said...

I must say I don't miss little league at all. It was okay while it lasted...

That first photo of J cracked me up!

Charlotte said...

I must confess I really didn't "forget about sign ups" on the day they were offered. As evidenced by the fact that I "forgot about the make up day" for sign ups. We're talking 4 kids wanting to go. I feel sort of bad, until I remember how much fun we're having at home doing things together and not sitting, watching them sit and wait for their 3 minute turn.

Sue said...

T-ball was definitely not my favorite. And I had two kids playing at once, as well. Big, double drag.

Games, games, games, games....

And they each one seemed interminable.


Garden of Egan said...

I would especially hate Tball with the weather we've had this year!
He looks like he's having fun swinging though.

You are a supah mom!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh boy. Just you wait til they get to play "big kid" baseball for real. When other kids pitch the ball and impale opposing teams players! When your son-who begged to play-is in the outfield throwing his mitt up in the air and playin in the grass looking for bugs and begging for us to let him quit.
Then having double header baseball games to make up for all the rained out ones 3 times a week! All while juggling 3 other kids who loathe baseball.
Long story short? I feel your pain.

Lisa said...

Oh my H, this is funny! I stopped putting my boys in T-ball the MOMENT I realized that we'd be spending five of our seven days at the park. I don't love my kids as much as you do.

Wendy said...

We've had one son in T-ball this year, and I quite enjoy it. My kids that don't play which total 4 just go off and play on the playground. Maybe it's easier having a 10 and 11 year old who can keep an eye on the 3 year old and my nearly 8 year old can kind of do a good job herself.

But next year we'll have two doing the t-ball thing, which might become burdensome, but this year hasn't been so bad.

Good thing, is the season should be about over for you, right??

Mama Smith said...

Growing up...I had to go to "little league" games for my TWO brothers...and the games my FATHER played in...I was RAISED in a baseball household...They didn't have much for girls when I was young...for that matter, they didn't have anything! I was always the "spectator"...Occasionally, I would be on a "school team" for a game or two...but, there were no collegiate sports for girls...that came AFTER I graduated from High school...GO FIGURE!!!!!

Codi said...

Tuesday is our last game...soooo excited!!

Two games ago, my son was doing cart wheels in the outfield, then asked if his coach had seen him. He used first base as a blanket, ran off the field to a hill and rolled down and out of sight, picked and threw grass, chatted with the girls on his team, came and whined to me asking, "when do I get treeeats??!!"

Oh, I can't wait!

Braden said...

I HATE my son's baseball season. I hate it like I hate very few other things. I don't even hate camping as much as I hate baseball. Get out now while you can.

Mindy said...

We did this for years...what were we thinking??? Ben was raised at the ball field...hmmm..that bears some more thinking about. I feel your pain!

Camille said...

Yes EXACTLY! I am a friend of Gina Larsen and came from her blog. You have a way with words. What a great blog!

hooray that t-ball is over for a year! ;)

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